Monday, September 18, 2006

Third Day Shirt

Ryan loves this shirt. It reminds him of Mac Powell in Third Day.

This cute picture was done by aunt Carrie. Tyler could probably name everybody in this pic since we watch Nemo EVERYDAY.!! :)

Friday, September 15, 2006

Playing at Papaw and Carrie's House

Tyler get's his rough housing from his Daddy AND his aunt Carrie. They wear him out sometimes.

Tyler's Family Continued

This is his Uncle Scottie (aka Cottie) and his farley new aunt Stephanie (aka Tefnie). Love you guys!!

Once again Brookie and her Hubby uncle Zeke. Tyler's almost calls his name perfectly but it sounds like this...Seek!! If you can't tell, I just love how he pronounces everyone's names!

Tyler's Family

Tyler loves his Meemo and Popa and loves to play at their house. I think has asked me every day if we can go to Meemo's house.

This picture is a little old but I can't leave out his Brookie! She is his 2nd momma literally. I think she has bought him more stuff than I have!