Monday, March 31, 2008

Coloring the Easter Eggs!!!

It will be fun next year when Haylee can help a little but Tyler had alot of fun taking charge of the eggs and colors.

Tyler showing off "his" egg. His favorite color is blue does that surprise you?

Here is a close up of the eggs with our name on them. We had alot of fun! The yellow one is hard to read but Tyler wanted me to write "baby" on it for our little surprise. By the way, we find out tomorrow if we have a boy or girl!!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Fort Worth Zoo

We went to the Ft Worth Zoo with my sister and Ali and Gunner. The weather was perfect and we had alot of fun. I think I heard that there were a record # of people there that day and I believe it.

The Boy's!

The boy's looking cool in their hat's!

The kiddos on the carousel.

Tyler had so much fun on the train.

Gunner and Ali enjoying the train!

This was crazy! Sorry for the poor quality of these pictures but the glass window I'm looking through was covered in dirt and hand prints. This is a huge white tiger with blue eyes. He seemed to be pretty mad at all the people banging on the glass. He was pacing for several minutes ten he started to claw at the window.

Here you can see some of his face. Scary!

Once he left the window we went around and you could see him laying down resting. Was scary but now he's pretty!

Funny, Tyler had told me he wanted to see a blue bird on the way out there and here it is.

Haylee conked out in her stroller.

Big Daddy just hanging out watching everyone. Don't think it didn't cross my mind all the animals that have escaped in the past few years as I was watching these huge guys!

You can't tell in this picture but this monkey had a passy on a passy strap in his mouth. Too funny!

Tyler watching the monkey's!

Had to take the pic of the "Rhino"....this is what I call my hubby short for Ryan. Well not short but his nickname.

You can see Ali and Tyler way down at the end of the picture....see how many people there were. CRAZY!

Peek a Boo with Haylee

We say where is Haylee?

Peek a Boo!!! or Pee Pie!!!

Then she laughs so big! So fun for her.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sweet Haylee Marie.....these pictures are compliments of Aunt Brookie

So sassy in her sunglasses!

So sweet in her pearls!

Happy Easter everyone!

The many faces of Haylee.........

Big blue eyes

So irresistible I cant stand it!

Such a sweet little darling. Thank you Mamaw for the dress. Pictures of her Easter dress will be on here next week. If you like what you see, my sister is a very talented photographer. Here is a link to her

Friday, March 14, 2008


As many of you know, my husband is pretty big but as big as he is he is that much sweeter and loveable. Tyler had just fallen off the couch and hurt his side. He used to always come running to mommy but he has really been needing his daddy lately. I am so busy lately and almost always have Haylee in my arms or something plus I am getting to where I cant pick him up anymore and probably just shouldn't. Anyways, it was so sweet to see how he loves on his daddy. I can't wait for Haylee to be to this point. Naturally, she wants me b/c I am the one she sees night and day and the hand that feeds her. She has been giving me kisses for a couple of month's now and Ryan longs for that and is jealous. She finally is getting used to his goatee and is letting him kiss her without crying. We think she is trying to kiss him too. Hopefully I will have pic's of that soon. I am so thankful for Ryan and his love he has for our children. I couldn't have asked for a more lovable daddy for my kids.

Yes, Tyler desperately needs a haircut!

You can see the red mark under his arm where he got hurt.

Fun in the snow!!!

Getting snow off my car to throw at me!

We didn't get much but enough to make footprints.

Poor baby, he had gloves on and they were wet so he couldn't pull his pants up. His bobo was eventually showing and it was a cute bobo. I didn't want to embarrass him so I stopped taking pictures of him bending over.

Look at that face. His first memories of snow!!