Friday, April 17, 2009

Go Dodgers!

Tyler has been enjoying his Tee Ball. He would really enjoy it if he could be up to bat the whole game. That is his favorite thing as I am sure it is everyone else on the team.

They're team has one 3 games and lost 2 so not too bad. I unfortunately have only been able to go to 1 full game and about 15 min of another game. Either the girls are sick or it is a early in the morning game and it is way too cold to get the girls out in the cold. I am anxious for it to warm up so I can see him play. Praise God Ryan's schedule has been better for him to be able to take him.

He gets VERY bored and distracted when he is in outfield. In fact he has been known to wonder right off the field. LOL it is too funny!

This is the kids favorite part of the game....Hi Five's and "Good Game!"

Haylee in her playhouse...

We have enjoyed the weather the past couple of days. Haylee loves playing in her playhouse and sure was warming up to the camera. I know there is allot but they were too cute I couldn't choose between all of them. Enjoy!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Let the Children Come to Me...Luke 18:15-17

Some of you may already know but Tyler had been asking for about the past month or so about "how he can get Jesus in his heart." In my faith, we believe in John 3:16 where when you come of age to have the decision to believe in God and give your life to Him and ask Him into your heart. Tyler has always loved praying and when he asked me about this I was really caught off guard. I kinda thought to myself that he's just curious and not really ready but maybe just has allot of questions. He's only 5! I called my mom and she said not to quench it so I kinda explained to him as much as I could on his level about that there is a prayer we pray when he is ready to make that decision and that at that time God would forgive him of his sins and Tyler would need to let Him be Lord of his life.

A got some books at Mardel's that explained the Easter story and helped him understand that Easter was not about hunting eggs and getting candy. The week Haylee had the Flu Ryan took Tyler to church with him and on their way Tyler asked the same question. "How do I get Jesus in my heart?" He told Ryan that he wanted Jesus in his heart. So Ryan explained the same thing over again and led him in the prayer.

They told me when they got home and it just make me cry. I am so thankful...I have always prayed for Tyler and his salvation and it just over joys me to know that he will meet his Savior someday!!

Tyler and some Tee Ball

We enrolled Tyler in Tee bal'l this year. This is his first year and he is loving it! He is on the Dodgers team through Wylie Baseball organization. Ryan chose #14 because that was Ryan's # when he was a boy and it was also his dad's # when his dad was a boy. Kinda neat!!

I must say I am ready for it to warm up though. It is hard when you have babies to get them out in the cold like that. This is daddy trying to keep Miss Haylee warm at Tyler's game Sat morning.

I was holding Katelynn so I couldn't get a good close up and I missed his 1st game when Haylee had the Flu so I have yet to get a good picture of him.

They did win their game on Saturday. Yay!

My Brown Eyed Girl.....

I like to sing that song to her. I am just in love with her more and more every day. You can ask my husband and my mom, I hold her WAY too much! It's just when you know she is your last how can you not hang on to those moments and I do hold her allot! :-) So here's my big 7 month old....

She has just cut her first tooth and is on her way to crawling. She cant do stride after stride yet but she certainly gets where she wants. I just want it all to slow down. To be honest, I don't want her crawling yet. I love the baby stage when they stay where you put them and play. She is so much fun right now and we are enjoying her so much!!!

The Beginning of Sisterhood

Haylee and Katelynn were playing in the floor together one evening and it was so cute. (I just love this picture!!)

I really don't like for them to mess with each other's paci but they were having so much fun I just let them and took some pictures.

The minute Haylee would put it in her mouth Katelynn would do .........

....this and just attack it!! (Signs of a teething baby)

Haylee thought it was hilarious!!

It's Potty Time

This plus......

...this equals.....


Haylee has tee teed and poo pooed in the potty! She has only done the #2 one time but has gone #1 many times. It all started about 4 weeks ago when I went to get her out of her bed from her nap. She patted her diaper and said poo poo so I peeked and realized she had just barely started. So I ran her to the bathroom and sat her on the big potty and she did it....both #1 and #2!! She was so happy!

The next week she was successful 5 or 6 times but now she would mostly use her little potty. She also went at my mom's house when her Aunt Stephanie took problem. Grandma even bought panties for her which are Ginormous and 100 times too big and they are the smallest size I have found. She just so tiny (still wearing 12 mo clothes mostly). So we have just kept her in diapers despite our efforts.

About a week or so into this adventure of running to the potty all the time she came down with the Flu. It was bad and she was sooo sick. Going potty was so far from her mind. So, we will see if she is able to get back in the groove. My mom said my sister and I were both potty trained at 18 mo. so we'll see. It sure would be nice to just buy diapers for one baby!! :-)