Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby Ivy #3 update!

No pictures but I went to the doctor today and he/she is doing great. Heart beats were 160 bpm which is normal and I actually felt the baby kick for the first time when we were listening to the heart beat. That is still as special as it was with Tyler and Haylee to feel the movement of this sweet child. We get to find out if we are having a boy or girl in 5 weeks on APRIL FOOLS DAY! Kinda scary but hopefully we have already had our surprise. It seems like most everybody thinks it's a boy but I just pray for a healthy and EASY baby, boy or girl. We will let you know when we find out!

Tyler has discovered it is okay to go without his shirt when he is outside...

He had a long sleeve shirt on and told me he was hot so I said let's take your shirt off. He said people will see me. I told him it's okay for boy's to take their shirt's off when there outside if it is warm enough like when you go swimming. He thought he was the man if you can't tell from the pictures.

Some fun in the was such a beautiful day!

She really likes being outside if the wind is not blowing and she has her hat on. She does not like the sun in her eyes.

Such a sweet face!

A fun chilly day outside

This is what Grandma Ivy got Tyler when he was just a baby. At that time, Ryan and Grandpa Ivy were both driving Jeep's and she thought Tyler needed a Jeep too. So now Haylee can have fun in the Jeep walker.

Tyler just learned in the past month how to really ride this all by himself and he feels so independent.

Haylee enjoying the horn and music on the steering wheel.

Mom is very nervous about him getting in the street when I am not watching him or dealing with Haylee.

Just some random pictures

Tyler with his new haircut

Some fun time with daddy

Our little football fan

His scooter he has really worn of his favorites.

Sorry it's been so long....

My computer has been acting up with the wireless connection so I have to be plugged in directly to the internet. Shouldn't be a big deal but it seems like it is so inconvenient to have to sit at the desk and not be able to move around the house. Silly huh?

This is how Haylee drinks her bottle now day's ....

I think it helps her get sleepy or she knows the her nap is coming next!