Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer time!!!!!

We stopped off at Sonic for $1 Vanilla cones for everybody......

They pile the ice cream so high that I ended up having to dump most of the girl's in a bowl. It was melting too fast.

Now a much more manageable size....

Just another cute picture of Haylee that I thought was cute. This was at Tyler's Tball game. She is a crazy climber!!!!

Surf and Swm

We went to Surf and Swim for my nephew's (Maxwell) birthday. The kids had so much fun. I feel like my hands are always so full and busy I don't have time to snap pictures. Not to mention that there was water everywhere which made it hard to carry the camera around everywhere.

I was able to get the girl's still as we were packing up to go. We had already changed them out of their swimsuits and I set them up on this rock wall while we sat and waited for daddy and Tyler to change. Gotta have the sunglasses on!

Tyler decided to join in.

And then I had daddy get in!

We will definitely be going again. I loved the toddler area for the girl's. TONS of slash stuff and spray guns, buckets of water dumping and even a little carousel of baby swings in the water. They have inner tubes and life jackets which took so much stress off of me. Tyler loved the inner tube especially when the waves came on in the wave pool. Haylee didn't like the waves but Katelynn loved them. :-)