Thursday, June 26, 2008

New update on "BIG" Katelynn...

So based on my ticker on my blog, yesterday I was 30 weeks 5 days and Katelynn SHOULD weigh a little over 3 pounds.

I had my OB appt yesterday and we did another sono to check rate of growth since she was measuring 2 weeks bigger last time. Well, now our little over achiever is measuring 33 weeks and 6 days and almost 5 pounds. Now, that is 3 WEEKS bigger than what she is supposed to be. What is up with me having Ginormous (a made up word I love to use)babies! I haven't gained that much with any of them to cause this. Tyler was 9 pounds and I gained like 21 pounds and Haylee was 8.3 and being so sick most of the time I only gained 6 pounds. So far with Katelynn I have gained like 8 pounds. The tentative plan is to probably induce me at 38 weeks which is only 7 weeks away..YIKES! I so had it in my head that all of my babies would come at my due date or later, never imagined her to be early. I have to get busy...obviously not that much to do for another little girl but I have to get Tyler a booster seat so I can move Haylee over to his car seat and have the carrier for Katelynn. Sounds like musical chairs doesn't it. We need to paint Katelynn's letters to hang in the girls room. I need to get a double stroller and a dresser for more girl clothes. Oh....and just a minor detail, a bigger car to fit the baby in!

Please be praying for me as I get closer to the end. I am having so many braxton hicks contractions and not able to rest at all with a very mobile 9 month old. This past week has been the hardest. Lot's and lots of pain/pressure and also just being emotional too with all the changes coming and financial problems. I know Katleynn was God's intention and He will provide but it is so hard to see that right now. I am hoping that Haylee will learn to walk before the baby comes. I don't know how I will be able to carry both of them. I guess I need to get a sling to put Katelynn in so I can carry Haylee. Oh, too much to think about. I just have to trust in God. Prayer's please!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

DATE NIGHT.......Some more OLD scans....

Now days if you say date night you think of a night out with your hubby, but during my high school summer's, date night was a totally different thing. I went to every year of youth camp with Lake Pointe Church and every girl could not wait for date night. Date night for those who did not get the privilege of joining in was at youth camp, after worship one morning we all would gather at the big pavilion and sit, guys on one side and girls on the other. The leaders would have 2 buckets of names (guys/girls) that they would draw from. When your name was called, you would get up and give the guy your piece of paper with your name and what cabin you were in. The churches goal was to teach the guys how to be on a date with a Godly attitude and mindset and how to treat a young lady. It also taught the girls, well I think it taught us how to be nice to these scared half to death boys and also how we should be treated. It wasn't easy for the girls but I'm betting it was a lot harder on the guys. So, before we girls even left home for camp, we had to decide what dressy outfit you were going to take because you might just get picked to be on a date with a guy who would otherwise not ask you out! Once we all got dolled up, the guys would start showing up to your cabin to start picking up their date. Some would be proud and confident and some would be scared out of their minds with a pretty little carnation in their hands. So here is pictures of the 3 out of the 4 "date nights" that I went on at LP youth camp during my high school years.

I don't know where Picture #1 is from my freshman year or maybe their isn't one but I was picked with Ryan Englebretson. Not a bad pick.....he was in my grade and we knew each other from middle school but he attended a different high school.
Picture #2: This picture is my sophomore year! I was picked with Ryan Wooley, a popular Rockwall guy. Funny......another Ryan and I married a Ryan too. Remember these vest the guys wore back then. So funny to see the old styles.

Picture #3: Here is my junior year....I don't know this sweet little boy's name but he was precious. He was one of the one's with the carnation. Sweet and innocent....and scared. I tortured him by sitting with my boyfriend at the time and his date on the other side of me. Mean of me and OH how I wouldn't sit there if I only knew! After the "guys" picked us up, they escorted us to the cafeteria for a "better than a normal night meal". The guys would let the ladies have a seat then they would stand in the line and get 2 trays of food and have to very carefully carry the wobbly trays to the lady waiting. If you needed another drink or something he would fetch that as well for you. Poor guys, I know looking back now that that night was probably very nerve racking for them.

Picture #4: So this was my senior year. I don't have a clue who this guy was but he was a gentleman and I had an pretty good evening. Hopefully I was a nice girl to my dates with the exception of sitting with my boyfriend act. I know they probably don't do "date nights" anymore but I thought it was good for the guys and the girls. Especially for the one's who never had dates otherwise...they got to have a small taste of what it might have been like.

So, you tell it boring and/or corny for me to post these old pictures. I know some people just want to see the kiddos but when I was scanning in some old pictures I thought I might share them with you. Let me know what you think. My next one will probably be my best friends I grew up with. Jodi, Kristi, Ashley and I have your permission to share old pictures on here? Email me or post in the comments!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Haylee is 9 months old!

These are all just some random pictures I have taken in the past week or so....

Sweet little profile

Gorgeous blue eyes....keep away boys!

You can never have enough pacifier's!

I guess the static feeling doesn't bother Haylee that much but is it good for her? Check out her hair standing up!

Another picture of her hair standing up....makes it look funnier with her eyes closed.

So, she had her 9 month well child check today and doc says she is doing great. Here are her stats:
Weight: 17.3 (35%)
Length: 28 (70%) Wowza!
Head: 17 1/2 (70%)
Her doctor said so she is trying to be a SMART, tall and skinny super model! She wasn't worried because of her getting so active they tend to loose weight.
Wow time is going by fast...I made her next appt for her one year check up and by that time LITTLE Haylee will be a BIG SISTER!

Monday, June 16, 2008

You and no other

This is your 5th year as a father on Father's Day. I was recently scanning in some pictures of us dating and was remembering how giddy and in love we were.

Hard to believe what 7 years will bring you. I think everyone knows that you proposed to me at Whataburger. Well in the car at Whataburger is where it really was. It didn't matter to me and it still doesn't. It was the right moment and perfect for the conversation we were having and you couldn't have planned conversation if you had to. I was just ecstatic to be proposed to and didn't think twice.

Nothing brings me as much joy then to watch you with our kids. I never imagined the love we had for each other and the love God would give us for Tyler and Haylee and the love we already have for Katelynn. You have been such an incredible leader for our family.

I remember the moment we saw Tyler's face when he was born and you're sweet tears. You were a daddy for the first time!

I remember that same face and those same tears with sweet Haylee. Wow, God gave us as much love for her. Such a neat feeling. Still cant believe we will go through this special moment with our 3rd child, little Katelynn.

Thank you for your sweet heart and loving affection you have for us especially our children.

Tyler already knows it is never ending and he can always go to you for love and kisses. I love how Tyler longs for the minute of you walking through that front door everyday and most days wants to wait on the porch for you! I love how Tyler talks about you all day long and wants everything done just like you do from his PB&J sandwiches with PEACH jelly to mowing his yard just like his daddy to working in the mud just like daddy (aka Construction).

I love the reaction on Tyler and Haylee's face when they see you in the bed on Saturday mornings when you get the day off. It is a sight they only see once every other week and Tyler knows he has the whole day with you! Even Haylee says your name all day. Soon she will know you as Tyler knows you and will have all the affection that Tyler has.

I love how you light up when Tyler runs into your arms and says "I love you daddy" and when Haylee lights up when she sees you and leans in to kiss you. You are such a tangible example of how our heavenly Father loves His children and is pleased when His children call his name. Thank you for being the father that I always hoped I would have for my children.

Tyler adores you....

your girls do too!

You and no other.... Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

Since I did a post on Ryan and Tyler, I had to do a post on Haylee and I. I LOVE ME SOME COOL WHIP. Thanks aunt Carrie for leaving this at our house. I have really enjoyed it! Haylee seems to be like me in many ways. For one, she is going to be a middle sister with a older brother and a younger sister like me. She is also SO sensitive and from what I hear that was me to the T as a baby, toddler and little girl. I'm not so sensitive now, right honey? Anyways, I thought miss Haylee might like a bite and taste some goodness. It's actually not too bad for you!

Here was some of her reactions!

She loved it! Next we will have to try squirting some whip cream in her mouth, one of mommy's other favorites!

Pattie Cake, Pattie Cake..............

About 3 weeks ago Haylee learned how to clap. That is where it started. Then, anytime she would hear music she would start to clap her hands ( she has already been "dancing" or shaking her booty for a while.) I had started noticing her rolling her hands around and around and while we were at the hospital she finally put it together. She claps then she starts to roll her hands and she actually says "Roll, roll, roll" while she is rolling them. Roll was one of Tyler's first words. My grandma kept Tyler til he was 9 months old and so he was always doing the pattie cake with her. Looking in Tyler's baby book he started saying roll roll roll at 7 1/2 months. She's not too far behind him. Yay Haylee!

These are pictures of her clapping her hands. Hopefully I can get some of her rolling them soon!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Picnic with the kids!

The other day I took Tyler and Haylee to a old park in my little old neighborhood. We packed up our sandwiches, chips, cupcakes and drinks and headed to the park. There were huge old tree's so most of the park was shaded. We had such a good time and Tyler couldn't wait to play on the play ground.

Our lunch in our cute little picnic suitcase that I have had forever and haven't ever used.

Tyler and the old fashioned merry-go-round!

Haylee being super flexible while she watches Tyler play!

Tyler screaming before he goes down the slide and.........

weeeeeee, Haylee raising her arms as he goes down. She is getting very good at copying and imitating.

I have another nephew........

My brother Scott and his wife Stephanie had their first son. Sweet baby Maxwell Scott Crissey was born last night at 6:58pm. He is a big 9lb 7oz and 22 inches long. Bigger than my Tyler who was also 9 pounds. He has tons of beautiful dark brown/black hair and seems to favor Stephanie so far. He seems to be a very laid back baby and doesn't cry about much. Congratulations Scott and Stephanie! You can see his birth pictures on my sisters blog. Check it out!

First time to hold sweet baby Maxwell!

Look how big he is!

Ohh the sweet faces they make.

Sweet chunky thighs. Just want to kiss them!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

In The Buff

It has been a while since I have taken some cute naked booty pictures of Haylee. I couldn't resist. I know she isn't the chunkiest but she still has a cute booty you just want to squeeze! She is just tiny and dainty which is kinda how Tyler ended up looking about this age. She does however have thicker legs and thighs than Tyler ever did. After her bath she has a hard time sitting still and has ventured now into standing up and trying to "climb" the wall. Yes I know Laura, very risky but I was standing right there and I don't let her do this except for these pictures.

Check out that stringy wild hair. Her hair will get thicker, it has to. Ryan and I have the thickest hair so I cant imagine it staying thin.

This is what she is climbing the wall for. I had clipped this on her shelf above her changing table for her to watch when she was smaller but now I realize this is what she is trying so hard to stand up and get I have moved it.

Cute little grin!

Are you gonna get me dressed momma? Okay, I'll stop now!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Memorial Day!

We had a fun day full of family, food and sun. Brooke and her kids came over and Ali, Gunner and Tyler got to swim. We stayed inside where it was cool and got dinner ready. We cooked out burgers and hot dogs and Ryan's family came over to eat and play with the kids. After some watermelon and strawberries it was time for the ice cream and fixings. Here is some pic's of Haylee while we played inside.

Peek a boo......

See my teeth....

Sweet Tyler playing in the pool....such a good pic of him thank you Brooke.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What's that saying....Like Father Like Son

I have wanted to take pictures of this Tyler and Ryan since before I started blogging. That is how long Tyler has been doing this. It is the FUNNIEST thing to me. Tyler is so excited when daddy decides to "mow and blow" he can't stand it. In fact, he will be out there all week while daddy is at work "mowing" and will insist that the yard REALLY BIG and needs to be mowed. Kinda gets on Ryan's nerves because he is not as enthusiastic about mowing as Tyler is. We have to be careful if we mention "mowing the yard today" because Tyler will hold you to it and will bug you until you are out there at work. So here are some cute pictures. I wish I had been taking these pictures from when he started doing this at TWO YEARS OLD! When he was 2 he didn't have the lawn mower toy so he used one of those classic push toys that has a barrel on the end that spins when you push it and plays music. I thought funny enough it looks like those mowers the cut the grass without a motor. You know what I'm talking about?

Tyler even knows the "patterns" that Ryan takes and when he is out there by himself during the week, he does the same patterns. Cracks me up. He is already trained to mow, we just have to wait for him to get big enough and Ryan will GLADLY hand over the mower.

Yes he even has a blower. Funny thing is we didn't even buy these toys for him. Brooke gave us this blower and it doesn't even make the sounds any more since the battery died but Tyler is very good at making the sounds. The lawn mower was Adrianne's that she brought to my house to sell in my garage sale over a year ago. He even imitates pulling the thing on the mower to start it. These have been his absolutely his favorite toys ever. Thanks Brooke and Adrianne for giving Tyler these toys.

Tyler and daddy after a hard couple of hours in the heat hard at work!