Thursday, October 25, 2007


You cant tell from the picture but Haylee is wearing daddy's Cowboys hat (Ryan is also wearing a Cowboys shirt) while watching the Cowboy game.

When Ryan took the hat off of her her eyes were going in two different directions. It was too funny!

Tyler had to join in on the attention too. Because Ryan is a Cowboy's fanatic, Tyler is starting to say..."I want to watch football" instead of Backyardigan's or Dora. We end up watching Cowboy replay's in the middle of the day while daddy is at work!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Little Haylee

Some more sweet Haylee pictures. She is getting some personality now and is starting to smile when you make ridiculous faces and sounds at her.

BOZO the Clown

Tyler got this for his 3rd birthday but we never blew it up because we didn't have an air pump. So now that it is almost his 4th birthday he gets to have fun with BOZO the Clown.

He was laughing in this picture. He thought it was so funny when BOZO would fall over. Too cute!!

If you get tired of punching it, just throw it down.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Some sweet Haylee faces!!!!

Who is who?

They definatley have their differences but you cant deny they are brother and sister. This is Haylee.......

This is Tyler!!!!

Tyler loves his sister so much he can't contain his kisses..........

These are my 2 favorite pic's. Check out Tyler's eyelashes. I bet he kisses her 50 times a day!!!