Wednesday, July 30, 2008


You will have to excuse the pictures of my filing drawer. Haylee learned how to say Uh-Oh about a week or so ago. She now says 3 or 4 words. Uh-Oh is the most used and her favorite. She also says Daddy every time he comes home from work and when I show her his picture (not so much Mommy but every now and then) and she is now starting to say "Ba" for ball! This is Haylee's favorite place to be if I am on the computer. She takes my bracelets and will drop them in to the open space in the drawer.

She will look at me and say Uh-Oh! Her mouth is just adorable when she says it. Ryan and I love it.

Saying Uh-Oh again she will try to get it but her arms are too short to reach it so Mommy has to bend over to get it. It is so cute and was fun about the first 10 times but you know how hard it is to bend over with a big baby in the tummy. Got old pretty fast. :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

New blog background...

So, I found this website where you can download cute blog backgrounds FOR FREE (free being the key word) and decided that this was the one I liked best. It was hard to chose because there are so many cute choices. I love it because it was basically a copy and paste kind of thing and took no time to revamp my blog. I did however realize that the picture header I had on there did not match so then I had to do the scrapblog thing to have it match. I actually thought about not using one because the background is so busy already. But, I don't have a good recent picture of Tyler and Haylee together to just put one pic up for the header. If you like the background you can go to and get your own. Lots to chose from and instructions on how to copy and paste it. It really only took me maybe 5 minutes to find the one I wanted and get it on there. FUN!

Katelynn update.....

I meant to post this last week after my appointment but never got a chance to. We did a sonogram and discovered that she is now head up and still about 3 to 3 1/2 weeks bigger than her dates. Since my appt I think she has already flipped back head down. Thank you Jesus...I don't need a C-Section. I was 35 weeks and was measuring on sono to be 38.5 weeks. So, same song second verse with this visit. Everything else looked great as far as her fluid around her and her movement. By the way we got to see her rubbing her eyes with her little fist like as if she were neat! She has some very chubby cheeks! My doctor checked me and I am dilated a finger tip. She went ahead and scheduled my induction for August 18 if I don't go into laboron my own (which never happens!) 08/18/08.....should be easy to remember that date. I am getting anxious and very ready...I think! It is just so hot and I am more miserable this pregnancy than my other 2. I guess it's every thing combined with the weather being so hot and having to take care of the other 2 kids and Katelynn being so big. I just heard the forecast and it is pretty sad when you think...well at least Wed will only be 103 degrees. Oh my gosh....104 and 105 the rest of the week. I would love to live in Colorado right now! Thank you for all the prayers and we are getting close to the end. I go back on Wed and I will let you know if there is anything different going on.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some new things about Tyler...

I just feel the need to post about my sweet Tyler! Seeing that he is four he isn't learning things every month or even every week like Haylee, I feel like he gets left out. I am always snapping pics of Haylee doing something new that amazes me that she has learned and it isn't always something visible with Tyler. We have been working with him on writing and how to hold his pen or pencil. One thing he should know by now and doesn't is how to write his name. It is my goal over the next month or so to get him to be able to write his name by himself.

He really enjoyed VBS and talks about when does he get to go back. He doesn't understand why it is over and hard to comprehend that he can go again next summer. He sings the songs and talks about the stories he learned.

He has had to be such a big boy for me lately due to complications I have been having. I have been having episodes where my blood pressure drops too much and it makes me pass out. I have had the episodes for about 3-4 weeks now and have actually passed out 2 times. He just sits beside me, holds my hand and says "it's okay'll feel better soon." If it happens when I am not prepared and haven't called daddy or other family to come help me he knows to run next door to get our neighbor to help. Such a big boy and a big helper. Thank you Lord for my grown up Tyler. He is such a blessing!

One thing I have battled lately is the TV show Calliou. I know, sounds weird but I would love your opinions on this. Hopefully most of you mommies have seen this and can tell me what you think. I think the show is fine in most areas. I like the morals and what Calliou learns each day. I like the simplicity of the cartoon and that it isn't unrealistic like some other cartoons. I even like how the parents deal with Calliou in every situation but I can't stand Calliou's voice and some of his actions. He constantly whines to his parents and it is a very noticeable whine. The second issue is he usually isn't nice to his little sister Rosie. He talks to her in a very rude manner and treats her like she is a pest. I probably would have never had a problem with it until Tyler starts talking like him and starts acting out with Haylee like Calliou does with his sister Rosie like taking and not sharing toys. I know this comes natural to this age but not sure that I want Tyler to see it being acted out in front of him. :( This is one of Tyler's favorite shows. He even knows what time it comes on and begs for the TV to be turned on to Calliou.

I had abruptly made the decision the other day that we were not going to watch it anymore after a miserable outing to Target. I seriously thought he had turned into Calliou. I made mention several times over the past week or so that if he started talking and whining like Calliou that mommy was not going to let him watch it that day. That didn't seem to help and so I vetoed that show. Bless his heart, he has asked me so politely and says " I won't talk like him anymore mommy!" It breaks my heart but if any of you know Tyler, he used to always talk in this forced deep grown up voice ALL THE TIME and I actually loved it. I actually thought we may never have to battle the baby talk because my son sounds like he has already gone through puberty. It became almost natural for him to talk that way. I don't like the baby/whiny talk from Calliou and don't want my son to imitate it.

So, am I being too harsh? Ryan says it's just a TV show and that we have the right to take away shows that promote bad behavior and he is behind me. I just feel mean and want to find something to replace that time of the day to make Tyler forget about Calliou. Something fun....but then there is all the "up next is Calliou or today at 12:30 is Calliou" to remind him. Uugh! What to do? Am I being unrealistic and overly mean? What would you do?

As I am rereading my blog to make corrections...God is showing me how blessed I am that this is my biggest hurdle with him right now. He has really grown up and so independent now. I can remember just a few months ago posting about his unending questions and how much it drove me crazy and now this. That hasn't ended but it is way better! Thank you Lord for the struggles and the choices we get to make when it comes to raising our kids. I pray that I make the right choices for my children that glorify You!

A girl's accessories.....

a purse and some bracelets!

These are some bracelets of mine that I wore to church on Sunday and has been what she has wanted to play with all week.

She liked to put them in her little purse and then pull them out and hand them to me so I could put it on her wrist. She is able to get them around her ankles all by herself though.

It was a nice and different change since all she ever wants to play with is her brothers cars and tools. She has also taken a interest in her baby dolls (but that will be a different post) hopefully to prepare her for the new baby about to enter her world.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Daddy's Hands!

These are a bunch of pictures I took of Haylee and Daddy. She has shown a big interest in daddy lately. As soon as he drives up form work, Tyler is usually out the door to greet him and Haylee can look out the glass door. She gets so excited to see him. She holds her arms up and bounces as if she is saying pick me up daddy, pick me up!

She looked so adorable in her strawberry night gown I had to take pictures. Then she started being so sweet with daddy. Probably hoping to get more spaghetti. ;) Look how big Ryan's hands look...

Haylee noticed them too.

Oh how Ryan loves her touch. I know she will have those same feelings about his hands. Daddy's hands are so different from ours...big, strong, rough and a protection.

Thank you Lord for our earthly fathers and that we get to experience their touch and feel their love and protection. We love you daddy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tyler where are you?????

Sorry it has been a while since I posted. I've been slacking but I have good reason....too hot to do anything! ;)
I enrolled Tyler in a VBS near at a church near our house this past week. It has been pretty quiet around the house to say the least. So funny to realize how much Tyler is a part of Haylee's every day activities. We would get home from dropping him off and luckily it would be close to her nap time but until nap she spent her time looking everywhere for bubba! I really had to be her entertainment. What would I do without Tyler?

When I went to pick up Tyler I told him that Haylee had been looking for him and he said "awww Haylee were you worried about me? I love you Haylee!" I look back and see him holding her hand. I know it's not the best picture but it melted my heart. So sweet I just love it!

Haylee Marie, You're the next contestant on the Price is Right....

Haylee LOVES the Price is Right! Well, she actually just likes when they spin the big wheel. The minute she hears it she crawls straight for the TV and as the wheel is spinning it makes that beep-beep-beep-beep sound she starts to bounce/dance. She just stares at it til everyone has had a turn.

Hmmm 50, should I spin again?

STOP STOP STOP on the 15 Yay 65! Too funny


Well Ryan moved up and we welcome him to the thirty crowd. He turned the big 30 on Friday. Tyler and I made him a strawberry cake and got him some new jeans a birthday card. He also got to go see The Dark Knight (Batman) with me and several friends from our small group. We ate at Chipotle first and they brought cake then we were off to the movies! I will share pictures after I get them from a friend. Very good movie by the way.

Big Wish!

Okay, I don't know if you can see it very well but I had a pregnant brain moment. I put the candles in a 30 formation (or should I say E0 formation). MY 3 IS BACKWARDS! I can't believe I did that. My husband had a good time getting at me for doing that. I was glad to give him some good laughs.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I cant get enough is way too hot to be huge pregnant right now!

I am so hot and I cant get cooled off!! I have never really liked summer with the exception of longer days. That is really the only thing I can think of that I like about summer. I am hating this heat. When I was pregnant with Haylee last summer it wasn't as bad I guess because we had so much rain. Well, not this summer! Man, I can not wait for Fall to get here! Fall is my favorite season. If I could have planned any of my pregnancies, I would have picked to get pregnant in August and have the baby in May before it get's too hot. Nope, all 3 of my pregnancies were through the summer. I don't mean to complainer but I am nearing the end it is coming out in me. Just check out the forcast for the next 7 days!!!!

7 Day Forecast

  • High: 97
  • Low: 78
  • Partly Cloudy
  • 20% chance of a showeresp. N & E.
  • High: 99
  • Low: 78
  • Partly Cloudy
  • Heat Index: 100-104.
  • High: 101
  • Low: 79
  • Sunny
  • Back to triple digits.
  • High: 101
  • Low: 79
  • Partly Cloudy
  • Could be a storm N & W early...
  • High: 100
  • Low: 78
  • Sunny
  • Might be a "drier" heat!
  • High: 100
  • Low: 78
  • Sunny
  • Just another day!
  • High: 100
  • Low: 78
  • Sunny
  • Summer blah's continue...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Some sweet pictures....

Tyler being so sweet and handsome!

It's hard to get pictures of him anymore but I love this one!

Not sure what he was doing here. Silly boy!

Ali and Haylee on the 4th of July! I wasn't very good about taking pictures so I'll have to wait til my sister post some more. We had alot of fun with Brisket and all the sides and after dinner we played with sparklers and some other little firecrackers Brooke bought.

Haylee the Tool Girl!

Any time Haylee sees Tyler's door open, she makes a run for his room and heads straight for his tool bench. She will stand right up to it and grab the drill press (no, I'm not savvy enough to know what that is..I asked Ryan) and pulls it down. It has lights that light up and it makes a loud "drilling sound". She LOVES it!

Little tiny hand pulling on the lever!

Another day when she managed to sneak in there....

Oh, now she has found the plain screw driver.

She loves to be in Bubba's room!