Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I really have to keep my eyes on all 3 of them but mostly Haylee. Tyler is old enough to know not to throw stuff at "baby sister" and Katelynn is not old enough to know how to do anything!

Quick story....I was giving Katelynn a bottle and Tyler was screaming my name from his room. Not a uncommon thing in the Ivy household! I told (well, yelled) him to come here to talk to me. He screams my name and now he is getting louder and more intense and the next "MOMMA" came right after that with no pause. I got up and carried Katelynn in there only to find my 4 year old holding up his huge wooden closet door that had come off the tracks and was falling. The scariest thing was Haylee was sitting right under it bouncing up and down just having a ball. I laid Katelynn down on his bed and moved Haylee very quickly to the hallway in case I dropped it and then grabbed it from Tyler. Wow, this is what I saw looking at my boy holding up the closet door..

SUPERBOY! Obviously a car is much heavier but you get the idea. Wish I had gotten pictures but telling Tyler to hold that pose seems pretty cruel and risky. For those young ones out there this picture is from the original Superman when he was a boy.

So here is sweet Tyler lying around minding his own business watching the TV that I pretty much have on all the time :-(

and here is the little pistol barreling over sweet Tyler. He's so good about it he just jumps right up and starts playing with her. She usually doesn't respond and kinda whines to me if he tries to grab her feet or something. She will have to learn not to start things if she can't handle them directed towards her. She's a little mess.

So Tyler helps her put his boots on her and helps her "try" to walk in them. She loves wearing these things! Sweet big brother to help her all the time.

Then here is sweet baby sister sleeping away on my couch. I know I should have her in the bassinet but for some reason it is just easier to lay them there after a diaper change. She does sleep pretty well here too. :-) Look at those sweet little feet!

Here comes big sister with sweet intentions and just pure innocence. I caught her before she was able to do anything to her. Most of the time she has just taken her blanket off of her or is trying to reach her to give sister her passy. There has been a few times that weren't so innocent when I was holding Katelynn and Haylee would crawl up to me and I guess I was just distracted but she would haul off and hit her in the head and say aaaahhhh, as if Katelynn was so sweet like her baby dolls. She has even snuck in her cheerio container to use on Katelynn's head. That was in the very beginning and I am way more cautious now. Poor Katelynn!

By the way, Haylee has some new words (semi words that mom can understand.) Sha-sha (sister) Ight (light) and Na na (night night and also for her sippy cup?)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Haylee's 1 year stats

I took Haylee to her 1 year appointment and she is doing good. They didn't give her the shots because she was running a fever. We have had a rough week but I just thought she was teething but when they went to examine her throat, they found white blisters in the back of her mouth/throat and said she has Hand, Mouth and Foot Disease. Anyways, we will go back in about a month for the shots. They are also going to do a "lead" test because of where Ryan works and what he is exposed to and exposes us to. :-(

Weight 18.7 (10-25%) petite little girl!
Height 29 (50%)
Head 18 (50-75%)

They are a little worried about her dropping in the weight percentile. They if she had always been 10-20% they wouldn't be as worried but the fact that she started in the top percentile and has steady dropped in to the bottom worries them. I told them Tyler was the same way and she said that made her feel better. I just have big babies and then they turn into tiny babies. :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday my sweet Haylee...

I added this first song on for my daughters, particularly Haylee for her birthday. Such a crazy year for you Haylee but you have been so much fun. I love having a daughter although you are quite different from your sweet laid back big brother, it is truly fun for me to do the girl stuff and I look forward to doing this as you grow. You have such a fun spunky and very independent personality. I cant wait to see the young lady you will become.......but not too fast. Hopefully this next year will be nice and slow placed. Here are a collage of pictures of you from your first year. Your dad and I love you and we are blessed to have you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Miss Movie Star

She tries to put her sunglasses on herself but,

she will eventually bring me them to put on her face for her and she leaves them on for a long time. She likes to wear them even in the car. When I put them on her she kinda shakes her head from side to side. Such a silly girl!

This girl is amazing at only two years old!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fireproof.....something we all need for our marriage!

I found this movie trailer.....we'll definitely be heading to the theaters September 26th! It is from the creators of Facing the Giants. I think it's so important to support good movies with a positive message, especially when they focus on a reliance on God for support and healing. I challenge you to do the same! We so easily drop the $ to go see a chick flick that promotes many things other than the sanctity of marriage...so think about using your next date night to support Fireproof.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three's a crowd!

Many of you know that we were trying to get a new car. With the car seats we had, we weren't able to fit a 3rd car seat in the back seat of my 07 Camry. So here we have this new car that we signed a lease on in 06 and thought even if we got pregnant in the next year we would have room for 2 kiddos back there. We were trying to get out of my SUV (Grand Cherokee) and save on gas mileage by getting a more economic car such as the Camry. On a side note, we have saved in gas but would have noticed more of a difference if I continued to work. I don't drive anywhere now and therefore we only fill up usually once maybe twice a month. It would be great if we didn't get rid of the Jeep now. If we only knew a 2nd and 3rd child would be here soon.

Oh well, we did talk to all of the dealerships and we just weren't in a position to get out of this car. We are still very upside down in it and we cant just "break our lease". After extensive internet searching and lots of crunching numbers and measurements, we decided if we could get all new car seats (one's that were skinnier than the one's we had) it might work.

We made a trip up to Target with some gift cards I had gotten at my shower and started measuring car seats and booster seats. We knew it was going to be tight but thought let's give it a try. Ryan put them in and it does fit. It is tight as can be, in fact Tyler has to buckle his seat belt before we snap Katelynn down in her car seat base. Well, let me rephrase that , I have to buckle Tyler's seat belt because it is too much of a tight squeeze and he isn't coordinated enough to reach down there and buckle it.

Now our next purchase will be a seat belt extender and that should help tremendously with Tyler's car seat. Here are a couple of pictures of the kids lined up. It was too funny to Ryan and I at first to look back there and think man has our family grown fast. We would just laugh. We will keep this car until our lease runs out or we are able to get out of it and into a better deal. It would be nice to have a little more room because Tyler continuously pesters Haylee which causes her to scream which drives momma CRAZY! :)

Yes, we turned Haylee around a few weeks early but we literally had no other choice unless we took 2 cars everywhere. I was hopeful that she would like to be in the car more now that she is in her big girl seat. NOPE....she is just as fussy if not more. Or maybe she is just competing with Katelynn. They both cry in the car and poor Tyler just covers his ears.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Birth Story......

I have been meaning to put these on my blog but you have to have time for that. So, now that we are getting more into a routine, I am going to try. I know you have already seen most of these on my sisters blog but my blog looked like I skipped a important event so here we go.

Like my other 2 children, I was induced because we make big babies and my body doesn't know how to go into labor on it's own. We arrived at 7:30 and got started on the Pitocin right away. We knew from past experiences that I go fast after they break my water. So we were pretty surprised when they broke my water that I wasn't really dilating within the first couple of hours. She broke my water about 10:00 or so and I didn't get to start pushing until 5:30. I am pretty sure I was a 10 sooner but they were waiting for a my doctor to get over there before they checked me. I pushed 3 times in about 1-2 contractions and she was here. Longest labor I have had. Tyler was 3 hours after my water broke and Haylee was about 2 hours after my water was broken. Kinda like my friend Stashia who just had her 3rd, we had the longest labor for our 3rd too. Katelynn was born at 5:34pm on Monday 8/18/10. She weighed 8lb 8oz and was 20 3/4in long. She had beautiful dark brown hair and she would hold her breath when she was crying (and still does.) Here are my pictures:

This is the monitor that shows Katelynn's heart rate on the top bar and my contractions on the bottom. Notice her heart rate dropping with my contractions which were about every 2 minutes.

Sorry, I hope these aren't too graphic. Pushing! (stating the obvious)

The first time we got to see her, can't explain that feeling.

Daddy cutting the cord. This was the 1st time for him to be able to do this. Tyler and Haylee weren't doing good after they were born and we didn't get to experience this.

Both mommy and daddy admiring our baby girl.

They said that because she was 38 weeks she still had all of that "vernix" still on her.

Big girl for being a 38 week baby. Could have easily been a 10-11 pound baby!

Sweet little feet. She does have some crazy toes though! :)

About this time they had knocked me out and was having to remove my placenta. Pretty scary for us but thankfully they got it all and praise God we delivered early. My doctor said it probably wouldn't have made it to 40 weeks. It was already "starting to die". So in turn I missed all of the family coming in to meet her and I didn't get to hold her until the end or breast feed her til the next day.

So most of the pictures are of Ryan holding her! Tearful for him realizing we may/probably won't ever get to experience this again. Sorry I missed this moment, I was so out of it I couldn't stay awake. :(

Sweet kisses. Daddy's little girl!

Big brother Tyler meeting her for the first time.

Grandpa holding her for the 1st time.

Introducing her to big (little) sister Haylee.

Grandma and

Grandpa hold her!

Ryan brings her over to me after everyone leaves and lays her down beside me. I am trying my hardest to keep my eyes open.

I finally can't stand it and I have to hold her.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Just some new pictures of Katelynn!

She is such a sweetie!

My Surprise Baby Shower for Katelynn

So here in this picture my friend Amy tricks me and says that we are going to hang out for a while . I thought we were going to go down to the harbor and walk around a little and then maybe grab a bite to eat. On the way there Amy says she needs to drop off something at the church real quick. I asked her if she wanted me to just stay in the car and she's like no come in I want to show you our banner we made on our Mexico mission trip. ;) So here I go to walk to see a banner in the church. She takes me all the way around the opposite side almost (our church is a HUGE circle) to see this banner and we just cant find it. :) She says why don't we just go in here (the Hospitality room where we do most of our showers) and there were all my friends. My first thought was oh my gosh I forgot about somebody's shower because being pregnant 3 times your brain turns to mush. There were all my friends and when I saw my family I realized it was for me! :) So here are a few pictures of me being surprised. This was a week and 1 day before Katelynn was born.

Beautiful tables...

and food...

and flowers....

Yummy! I didn't get to try these but Stephanie promises to make them again.

Adorable center pieces ( thanks Dee!)

Thank you to all who were involved in my shower, to Deanna, Jodi, Jaime, Laura, Brooke, Christi, Amy, Adrianne and Stephanie. If I missed anyone you know who you are and I really appreciate all of you and all of your sweet generosity. I totally didn't expect a shower seeing I was having another girl back to back, but the diapers and wipes are a tremendous help and Ryan and I truly appreciate everything! Thank you!