Monday, October 26, 2009

The Girl's Birthday Party

Sorry so late on all of the posts! I did the girl's Birthday party at my mom's house at my parents house on labor day weekend. As you can tell it was a Strawberry Shortcake party. It was just a small party and the girl's had tons of fun. Unfortunately my battery died on my camera so I didn't get many pictures of them opening presents, but here are some others!

Yummy snacks!

I had their adorable cake made by a lady at our church. I thought she did a GREAT job!

It was a strawberry cake on the inside....delicious!!

Cute little topper that we saved and put in the girl's room.

More of the table. I bought that Strawberry Shortcake House at a garage sale for $4 when I was pregnant with Haylee 2 years ago. One of their favorite toys!

Happy Birthday dear Haylee and Katelynn

Pretty little 2 year old

Smash cake time!!!!!

Big 1 year old! She did pretty good eating her cake.

Here is a great 1picture of Ryan and his dad taken by my sister. They got lots of fun girly gifts and we had a blast!

Our Class Costume Party 2009

My brother Scott and his wife Stephanie as Julie and Julia....HILARIOUS!!

Ty and Sharon as a Biker Dude and a Go Go 70's girl!

Adam and Jaime as Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin

Steven and Deanna as little kid trick or treaters and...............

as little ghosts!

Nick and Dianna as Rock Star' the posing for the camera!

Ryan and Stephanie as the Hunter's!

Scott and Miranda as the crash test dummies

Don and Jasmine as President Obama and the Statue of Liberty

And finally Ryan and I as the Burger "King" and Wendy's!!

We had so much fun and have already come up with an idea for next year. Can't wait!!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Eight years of Marriage

Today marks our 8 year anniversary. We are going through such a rough time right now but I am amazed that Satan isn't attacking our marriage right now with everything going on. Ryan and I truly are growing closer and truly leaning on our Lord to get us through. I am so happy that we have Him as our foundation because I can see how so many marriages crumble when we are not centered around Christ. Not saying that everything is perfect because I have certainly had my days of doubt and tears but, I am able to find peace at the end of the day knowing where my trust is. Your prayers are certainly still needed.

Ryan is still pursuing employment. His long term plan is to start the Fire Academy in Jan and do a summer EMT course. This would allow him to be able to apply/test for almost any city in DFW area giving him so many opportunities. We understand that it is going to be a tough year or so but our goal of getting out of construction and having something that is stable is our focus. He has a heart of helping people and this would allow him to do that.

On to a few wedding pictures in lieu of our Anniversary

One of my favorite verses that I love for Ryan.....
As water reflects a face, so a man's heart reflects the man. Proverbs 27:19

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Prayers today!

Ryan will be taking the Civil test tonight for city of Garland to become a firefighter. Please be in prayer for him. The competition is so great that he has to score almost perfect to get through. We know that with God all things are possible. Ryan is feeling really good about it. He has had literally all day to study EVERY day the past month. I hope it pays off. If he does pass, the physical test will be on Saturday. I will be sure to put up a post as soon as we know something.

Thanks to everyone!

Friday, September 04, 2009

All about Tyler

Tyler's just before we left for his 1st day of school!

He was really excited to go...can't you tell by the look on his face. He did great and I didn't cry til I got back in the truck.

Here he is at meet the teacher. This is his chair where he sits at. See his name on the table. Cute boy!

These picture's are kinda backwards. We took Tyler to his very 1st Ranger game the week before school started. He had a blast! He ate a hot dog and some of our cheese fries and ended off with some cotton candy. It was a great 1st game with 3 home runs and the Ranger's won!

Tyler also had a few cavities and had to get fillings the week before school. I fear that he is going to have my genes when it comes to teeth. I am religious about going for my cleanings every 6 months but just have had a rough time since all my pregnancies. Tyler did great the whole time. After his numbness went away we took him to get some ice cream. He came down with a HUGE headache and although this yummy ice cream looks very enjoyable, he was miserable. Poor baby....1 dose of Motrin and in 1 hour he was running around.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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Robin Ivy

Will update soon...

Sorry, I know it's been a while since I posted. There has been so much going on in the Ivy house. Most importantly, Ryan lost his job last Friday. We are really trusting in the Lord right now to get us through this tough season. Because I stay at home, this is our only income and our health insurance. To be honest, we are nervous because I have been looking on the job boards the past month or two and there has been NOTHING listed in construction. We are having to be creative to think of other careers and even something that he could do temporarily to get health insurance before we lose ours on September 15th. As sick as our kids were last year, we definitely need to get on some health plan which I have been working on. Please pray that we would know the right road to take and pray that Ryan's spirits stay up and that he doesn't get down.

Since I know you are looking for new pictures, here is a recent family picture taken at church.

Katelynn turned 1 yesterday!! She is such a blessing and I am so glad God surprised me with her.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summertime pictures and some catching up.....

I've noticed since I have gotten my iPhone that I haven't been as good about taking pictures with my camera. Something I am working on. All of these pictures were taken from my iPhone....some are pretty good some are not. Still learning!

An evening playing in the sprinklers in the front how Kate's hair gets curly when it's wet!

Haylee soaking wet in her outfit. It was totally not planned to let them play in the sprinklers so no swim suits are on.

Tyler and Katelynn....the only 2 that I can keep in one spot to snap a picture! ;o) Haylee is too busy to sit down for a picture these days.

Sweet little Katelynn

This is when Katelynn was sick (about a month ago or so)only I didn't know it. I thought is was just allergies or a cold or something. No fever and not really too fussy just allot of snot and congestion and coughing/wheezing. I finally took her to the doctor after 3 days of it and she tested positive for Flu A!! Whaa? I was shocked! HELLO, it's summer and we don't go anywhere! I just don't understand why she always gets these viruses. I can't complain too much....God has blessed her with about 2 months of being completely well.

Here's a picure of her at her doctors office before we found out about the Flu. On this visit I was told that she is going to be considered as a "asthma patient" because of her tnedency to ALWAYS have wheezing any time she gets a cold or any respiratory virus. So we were sent home with a long term asthma inhaler called Advair, a rescue inhaler called Proventil, singulair for allergies and cough and a 5 day course of oral steroids. We are also supposed to add Zyrtec on top of this. So much for me to absorb with all of the medicines and inhalers and just knowing that my daughter is diagnosed with true asthma. She will be on the inhaler every day for probably several years until they decide to wheen her off of it. The rescue inhaler is to be used during times where she gets a cold or is having respiratory problems. The Advair is more for preventative asthma and we are hoping we can get it all under control before this winter rolls around in hopes that she won't have another winter like she did last winter. She's a trooper!!

Haylee sliding down her slide. This was given to us by our next door neighbor. Their kids were too big for it and tried to sell it in the garage sale. It didn't sell so she just gave it to us. Haylee and Katelynn LOVE it along with their also FREE play house.

Tyler got to attend this years VBS at our church if I voluntered as a worker. Next year he will be old enought to go without me voluntereing. He had a blast and I was so busy I didn't get to snap hardly any pictures. Here is a picture of him during the worship time!

The theme this year was Crocodile Dock and the key passage was to "Fear Not". So they bring out a REAL crocodile for everyong to see.....Nice!

So proud of my husband!!

Most of you have seen these on Facebook but for my blog readers that don't have FB here are some neat pictures of Ryan. He started eating healthier and working out back in January! We should have taken a "before" photo but forgot. Here is a picture form back in October that is close enough!

Here is Ryan (minus 85 lbs) now on his Birthday!!! That's right 7 months and he lost 85 lbs. He is looking great and feeling great.

Love that facial expression!

Here is the typical "Jared" picture. He is holding up his work jeans we had just bought 3 pairs of at Christmas....Urgh! You will have to excuse his wife beater shirt and yes he has on some gym shorts behind those jeans! :o) Way to go Ryan!!!! I am so happy for you. Love you babe!

Monday, June 29, 2009

My sister's website!!!

My sister finally got her photography website up and running! Go and check it out.......