Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Air Show

So Grandpa took Tyler to the Air Show back in October. It was on a Sunday and since Ryan teaches our class we let Tyler spend the night with Grandpa on Saturday and he was with him all day Sunday. Looking at the pictures that Aunt Carrie took, we are sad we didn't get to go. :-(
Tyler had SO much fun. He has talked about it several times and remembers so many different stunts. We will definitely try to make it next time!

Tyler chilling with Aunt Carrie

The Blue Angels

Grandpa looks like he is enjoying himself! :-)

Tyler getting some autographs and pictures made with the Blue Angel Pilot's

Looking cool with Chentel's sunglasses

Every little boy's dream!

So cute!

Thanks Grandpa, Aunt Carrie, Chentel and Uncle RD for taking Tyler. I am sure he will have fun memories of this day!