Sunday, March 22, 2009

3 Sick Little Piggy's

1st Sick Little Piggy:
Tyler has had the normal cold which was more than likely RSV since both the girls tested positive for it. He started last Thursday and so now it has been 10 days of snot and coughing. Thankfully he is older and knows how to blow his nose and doesn't require really any extra care than a normal day would require. He has improved tremendously in the last couple of days which is good because his first T-Ball game is Monday night....Go Dodgers!!!!

Sick Little Piggy #2: Poor Haylee is very sick! She was the 1st of the 3 to come down with the RSV. I had her Well Child appt on Friday (2 days ago) and since she wasn't getting any shots it was okay to bring her with the runny nose and cough. So everything looked fine, chest sounded clear and ears looked good. They went ahead and did the RSV test on her to make sure although we were sure she had it. And yes it was positive! Saturday morning she woke up with a fever and was vomiting. I thought oh no, she must have got something else at the doctor's office. At about noon I got her up from a nap and she was burning up. I tried to take her temperature but as many of you know with Haylee that was difficult to do. She fought me and fought me but by the timed she knocked it out it was 103.2 and it hadn't beeped yet. I was afraid it was 104 or close to it so we decided to take her to the ER. They basically said it's just a viral thing and gave us Zofran (sp?) for the vomiting. That has helped so far but she is still very sick. Please pray for her to get better fast and that no one else gets it.

Sick Little Piggy #3:
Miss Katelynn is hanging in there. She still shows all of the symptoms of the RSV but hasn't really gotten any worse. She still has the dreaded cough and her doctor is keeping her on the pulmicort for another 2 weeks because of the RSV she got again. After that we will see how her cough is and we will determine if she needs a pulmonologist. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for the kiddos. Thank goodness it's just 3 sick little piggies and not 5!! :-)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finally an update on Katelynn

Sorry for not getting her results posted sooner. I know most everyone knows that she is normal with a big beautiful head. Thank you for all your prayers. She had the sono on Monday afternoon and I got the results on Wed morning. It was so hard to wait on the words I wanted to hear. Praise God she is fine.

On another note, Haylee came down with some congestion (snotty nose) and a cough on Tuesday and I hoped it was allergies. Not so lucky! Katelynn and Tyler came down with the same symptoms on Thursday. I prayed that it was just a cold or something but in the back of my mind by the way Katelynn sounded I knew it was RSV. I took her to her pediatrician on Monday morning and sure enough she tested positive for RSV. So no this is 4 RSV's in 4 months for Katelynn. She just doesn't even get a chance to recover fully before she gets it again. I stay at home with the kids and you would think they would be healthier. The only place I usually take them is church.

Her doctor called me tonight at 7pm just to check on her. She is really trying to figure everything out. She wants to continue breathing treatments of Pulmicort for 2 more weeks then wean her off. I will be taking Katelynn back around that time to have her evaluate her. There may still be a possibility that due to her ongoing cough, she might want to check out the acid reflux stuff by a Barium Swallow and a Upper GI. I will try to keep everyone updated on what is going on . It's much easier to do a post when you don't have 3 sick kids at the same time. :-)

Monday, March 09, 2009


I know I have had several people call me and email me to find out how Katelynn's test went. Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns. She did great and stayed real still for the sono tech so there shouldn't have to be any CT scans or anything. They said they got several good pictures. They couldn't give me any of the results but said they would sent the report to her doctor in 24 hours or less. So, I expext to get results tomorrow. I will post the results as soon as I know something. Thank you again for lifting her up today!

On a side note, after doing the post of Tyler and his bike I have to share this. He was so determined that he got out there and taught himself how to ride his bike all by himself. Now that is some determination!! He was so proud of himself and mommy and daddy were very proud as well. No I have to try to keep him from riding too far. :-)

Tyler learning to ride his bike!

This is hard!!! He still has not learned completely but I'm sure he will get it soon. I kept telling Ryan I think you are supposed to hold the seat and not the handles. I don't know. We spent about a hour trying with him and I would hold the back of his seat. Neither way really worked to we agreed to try again some other day! :-)

Me holding the seat! Tyler had a hard time keeping his eyes on the sidewalk.

Daddy instructing him....and I'm sure trying to keep his patience with him. It was fun!!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

All about Katelynn and some prayers too......

So, Katelynn had her 6 month check-up on Friday. We had just been there last week for a follow up on her cough and to get the results of her chest X-ray. Her doctor decided to put her on breathing treatments twice a day for 2 weeks to see if her cough and wheezing would improve. It actually seems like it may be improving just as of these last few days. YAY! Poor baby has had this cough since the week after Thanksgiving when she came down with RSV the first time. If the cough continues she wants to do a Upper GI and a Barium Swallow to rule out Acid Reflux which also causes a cough. If that comes back normal, then she will refer us to a Pulmonologist. So after knowing all of this I was hoping to have just a normal "WELL child check-up."

Everything was going just fine then she was looking in her left ear and was looking a little too long. I knew it......a ear infection.....another antibiotic. Yeah! Still not much of a big deal. So the doctor said lets look at her growth chart:
Weight: 18lb 10.5oz (90-95%)
Height: 28.5 in (off the charts)
Head: 18 (off the charts)
As you can see from these lovely legs she weighs a good bit!!

Her doctor doctor did not like how her head had grown so much and had informed me at her last regular check up that they were going to watch the growth of her head closely. At 2 mos it was 55% and at 4 mos it was 75%. Now that it is off the charts she wants to get a sonogram of her head to check the fluid around the brain. They will be trying to rule out Hydrocephalus. Because her "soft spot" has not closed the sonogram should work but if they cant see enough they will have to do a CT scan (which requires sedation....Ugh!) The doctor asked me if there was a family history of large heads hoping that she could hang her hat on that. I don't know past my kiddos what the size of everyone's heads were as babies but Tyler and Haylee's both are 50% everytime. Ryan thinks my side of the family has big heads! HA!

Please keep little Katelynn in your prayers this week. They should be calling me on Monday to set up the Sonogram and I will be sure to post a update. The doc informed me that she thinks everything is fine. She said most Hydrocephalus babies are lower in the growth chart and have trouble gaining weight. Katelynn for sure isn't struggling in that area. :) If anyone has had any experience with this I would love to hear success stories and/or prayers. Also for her cough to go away completely in the next week so she doesn't have to go through those tests. Thank you so much!!

Some things she is doing:
Sits up
Rolls over (Front to back)
Rolls over (Back to front)
Rocks on hands and knees
Kisses mommy
Makes raspberry sounds
Sucks on toes :-)

She's just too "sweet"