Saturday, January 12, 2008

Haylee with her new exersaucer and Tyler helping!

I started to notice and you may have as well that Haylee was not looking at the camera for any pictures with Tyler. She had her eye's on something and I could not get her to look at me!

Then she started to open her mouth like she was going to eat it only she couldn't get close enough.

This is what she wanted so badly. She didn't take her eyes off of it for 15 min or so.

It finally got her pretty upset that she couldn't eat that apple.


Laura said...

So cute! I love seeing the progression of her playing!

Amy said...

Lilly and Kyle have that same one and it's come in handy over the past 2 yrs! She's so cute!

Skavoovie said...

Hey Robin --

Enjoyed the latest pictures! Haley trying to get ahold of that apple was too cute! :)