Friday, April 17, 2009

Go Dodgers!

Tyler has been enjoying his Tee Ball. He would really enjoy it if he could be up to bat the whole game. That is his favorite thing as I am sure it is everyone else on the team.

They're team has one 3 games and lost 2 so not too bad. I unfortunately have only been able to go to 1 full game and about 15 min of another game. Either the girls are sick or it is a early in the morning game and it is way too cold to get the girls out in the cold. I am anxious for it to warm up so I can see him play. Praise God Ryan's schedule has been better for him to be able to take him.

He gets VERY bored and distracted when he is in outfield. In fact he has been known to wonder right off the field. LOL it is too funny!

This is the kids favorite part of the game....Hi Five's and "Good Game!"

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