Tuesday, November 25, 2008


About a month or two ago I entered Haylee in a "Got Cute" contest (basically a cutest baby contest.) She won 1st place!!!!! For winning 1st place we got a free photo shoot and a CD with all of the images for free. I was so excited and my first thought was I wonder if she would take some family pictures too so we could get a picture for our Christmas cards. She was happy to take a few family shots for us and this is the only good one we got. I am SO thankful we got one family pose that was good. It was really a impossible hour. The culprit.....HAYLEE! We were at a park and she wanted nothing to being held for a family pic. This is the first one we got in our casual clothes. After dirty diapers from both girls, chasing Haylee everywhere and changing our outfits into our dressier Christmas outfits Haylee was a basket case. Throwing herself all around and crying huge tears. Not good foe Christmas card pictures. So we didn't get any in our Christmas outfits. :-( I was so bummed.

As you can see in this picture she is totally pulling away from her daddy. Cute picture though.

I love this one.

Tyler was GREAT for his pictures. I was so glad because it has been a long time since I have gotten his pictures made. It was perfect timing for his 5th Birthday.

This was also in the beginning before she got too upset and she was FREE to roam.

This is my favorite!


amyc said...

Great pictures!

mommyof5 said...

They look great!! It gets really hard with the more kids you have. I totally understand!!

Mommy of 5

Laura said...

Those are great! I think sometimes the ones that are "imperfect" are the cutest...

Cagle Family said...

oh how fun!! Great pictures!!