Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ain't no mountain high enough......

Haylee has been up to allot lately! She has discovered a new and exciting adventure. She learned how to climb up into our chairs at the kitchen table.

But that quickly was not good/high enough as she stands up to climb up to the table.

To a place where I put everything that I don't want on the floor for her to get as well as some plates and food left from lunch. In fact, the first time she decided to do this, neither Tyler or I saw anything until she was already up on top of the table. She discovered Tyler's cheetos (crunchy...not good for a baby without any molars) and was just eating away on them. YIKES! I screamed and got her down and said NO Mam! After pulling her off of the table 5 more times and spilling my cup of Koolaid on my freshly professionaly cleaned carpet I realized I needed to push the chairs all the way up. The 2 chairs on the end won't scoot up all the way because the legs are in the way and that is how she was getting up there. Problem fixed! Except when we get up from the table and we forget.....Haylee always notices it!!

As I was taking pictures of one of her adventures for my blog she found all of the stuff she is not allowed to touch. A knife.....oh good. This girl knows how to push over any boundary which is not a good sign for the teenage years.

Okay, got her down and pushed the chair in. Oh well, I'll climb up and see what bubba's doing. Yikes, so finger painting can only be done during her nap time.

She just amazes me! From splashing in the toilets, to the climbing....things that Tyler never even tried. So, she has successfully climbed the bookshelf, up my KING size bed, up any couch/recliner, on Tyler's desk and into his window, her changing table, the kitchen chairs and now the kitchen table. What will she climb next?


Growing Up...Isaac said...

Oh wow! Isaac hasn't gotten that brave yet. He has splashed in the toilet at Molly's house - a story for another time! Good thing you have Tyler there to help you keep an eye on her!

amy said...

OH NO! It always amazes me how children within the same family can be SO different! Lilly and Kyle are like night and day.

Deanna said...

Jocilyn did the very same thing over Thanksgiving! We thought it was a little too quiet, and I went into the dinning room at my parents house to find Jocilyn on top of the table playing in the newspapers! Eek! I'm right there with you!