Saturday, December 20, 2008

A little bit of Katelynn.....

Katelynn has really been enjoying the exersaucer lately. I will put her in there along with plenty of blankets around her and she will stay content in there for at least 15-20 minutes. Long enough for me to feed the older kids or to do some dishes or whatever it is that I need to get done.

I cant completely walk away though because of the crowd she attracts (ie Haylee). Haylee still has her moments of not understanding gentle and I will catch her hitting Katelynn or just being rough like she is with her brother. Or she will grab the exersaucer and just rock it making Katelynn very startled.

Here in these pictures, Haylee is enjoying popping the little apple up and then pushing (more like HITTING) it back down, also not so gentle. Poor Katelynn.

Tyler and Haylee finally get bored and go off to do something else. Katelynn can relax and smile!

Katelynn and her daddy. Everyone says she looks allot like I did but I totally see Ryan in her. I'm sure it's the dark hair and brown eyes but to me she just resembles him so much.

Poor daddy has been working mad, crazy hours and looks very tired in this picture. They are trying to finish his project and having lots of "big pushes" to get done which means late hours and working the weekends. Also crazy for me! I absolutely cannot wait for him to get home and am almost nuts, well not almost, I am nuts by the time Ryan gets home. I would say 4 out of 6 work days I am without Ryan while the kids are awake. He might get home in time to kiss them goodnight as I am putting them to bed but most of the time they miss him. I totally don't know how single mom's do it and I don't know some days if I can continue. Pray for my patience and my sanity as I am by myself so much.

Also, pray for Katelynn that she will get better soon. I cant tell if what she had is just lingering or if she's got something new. She has never really gotten better from the RSV and I might need to take her back to the doctor. I have been putting it off because she acts fine and is happy, no fever or anything. She just continues to have this horrible cough that sounds almost as bad as it did right when her and Haylee got sick. She has had some kind of cold symptom since Tyler's birthday (Nov. 21st). A FULL MONTH! It's time for my baby to feel better!


Psalm112 said...

Get the docs to just do a good scan of her sinuses instead of just treating with antibiotics...make sure they aren't missing anything. She's too darn cute and you are working too darn hard for her to be sick any longer...let's get it figured out...

mommyof5 said...

I totally understand!! It is hard being a mom and then having hubby work so much and being alone. I am greatful to have my hubby home in the evening. Sometimes it is later than I would like. But at those times I have to remind myself to be greatful he has a job at all. Not saying that for you to remind yourself with. But I need to do that for me. Because I get upset sometimes when he isn't home when want me to be. I need to learn to be more patience.

You are doing a great job with those kids and the resources you have!!! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Mommy of 5