Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Girl's Room.....

So here is the VERY full girl's room for those that want to see. This is a view from their door as you walk in. Check out the dated ceiling fan that needs to be replaced. We do have a new (but cheap) white ceiling fan that we bought before Haylee was born. Yep, it's still out in it's box in the garage waiting for my hubby to install it. :-)

Haylee's little reading corner. She LOVES books! The shelf is supposed to be a corner shelf but there are no corners in this room available! Oh well. We got it from Pottery Barn when Tyler was a baby. Notice Haylee's 1st Cabbage Patch Doll Aunt Brookie got her for Christmas. LOVE the smell of those doll's!

This is KATELYNN'S bed. I know it has Haylee's name above it but we needed to put Haylee's name here because Katelynn's name wouldn't fit. Ryan thought we could just move Haylee's bed over here and put Katelynn's bed in it's place. I thought no, it's gonna be enough change to put another bed in here and a baby sister, I don't want to change where Haylee has been sleeping. Less DRAMA! I got her just a bumper pad to go in her bed b/c I couldn't afford a whole bedding set. I got it on Ebay for like $14!!! I couldn't buy one for that price at any store and look how cute it is and it matches perfectly.

So here is HAYLEE'S bed with Katelynn's name above it. This bed is centimental to us especially to Ryan. He is really bummed that Katelynn won't get to use it. This was his sister's baby bed then his when he was a baby. His mom kept it all this time. It is a old Jenny Lind Crib. Funny how the white one we got from our friend Scarlett is identical to it except the color.

This is my mess corner and the dresser we got from Craigslist for very cheap. I just lay everything up here until I get a chance to hang things up. I hope I'm not the only one who does this. It has a mirror but the mirror broke when Ryan was trying to fix the backing on it with a staple gun. :-/So I'm sure we won't have a mirror for a while.

Also a messy corner, the changing table and dirty clothes hamper. This will be one of the first things I take out of here to make more room. I have thought several times, do I have to have this? It is so nice to have everything right there plus what do I do with everything in the baskets below?

Haylee's little piano she got for Christmas (thanks Grandma/Santa.) She loves this thing. I will be in the living room feeding Katelynn and I will here her go to her room by herself and just start playing away on it. Too funny!

This is something I found at Mardel's before I had Haylee. I had to get matched her room PERFECT! I love the words too.

And here is where Katelynn sleeps for now. She has been sleeping on the couch pretty much since we brought her home from the hospital. We had a bassinet for her but Haylee wouldn't leave her alone and would climb up it and shake it. For some reason she would leave her alone when she was on the couch. I guess b/c she could see her and wasn't curious. Since the rolling had begun, we had to get something. I would love to have them in the room together but Katelynn still goes to sleep later (about 9-10) and wakes up earlier (about 6) and I don't want to mess up Haylee's schedule. Haylee is the lightest sleeper EVER! I thought once I get Katelynn on the same schedule then I will ease her in there!

This "travel lite crib" is perfect. Bigger than a bassinet but not as big as a play pen. The bassinet part can be lowered when she starts to raise up if she is still in it then. We got a GREAT deal on it on Craigslist also. She has slept in it wonderfully and it is good to have my couch back. Thanks for taking the tour!


Growing Up...Isaac said...

I love the girls room! You've done a great job with it. I have to ask, though, does your little climber, Miss Haylee not climb all that furniture to get to the stuff on top? I know Isaac has been trying to get the stuff on top of his dresser, and it's not even cute or fun stuff!

Robin said...

Oh yes! She pulls everything out of the drawers and stands in the empty drawers then pulls stuff off. She did it more when we first got the dresser and now it has kind stopped. Tyler really helps me keep an eye on her!

amy said...

Love the girls' room, it looks great! Carson is still in our room in a porta crib but once he's sleeping 12 hrs like Kyle I plan to move him into Kyle's room.

Laura said...

the room looks so pretty! and, I SO do similar things to the dresser stacking "until I can get to it." and I love the new scrapblog - gorgeous pics and very pretty.

Tiffany Taylor said...

Oh, don't feel alone about having your "to be put up later" piles! Ours are usually on the couch. :)