Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm 5 months old....

Katelynn will be 5 months old in 2 days. I can't believe how fast it is going. Not only is it going by fast but she is growing like a weed...Seriously!

Love this picture...she is shy/bashful because she is always trying "not to" smile or to barely smile and she try's to hide her smile by burying her face sometimes. My mom said I kinda did the same thing when I was little. Here are her new stats (supposed to be 4 months but we are about a month behind)
Weight: 16.7 lbs <95%
Height: 26 3/4 in <95%
Head: 17 in 90%-95%
When the doctor was showing me her big jump on her percentile chart, it looked like she was off the charts (above 100%) but they just kept saying she was "greater" than 95%. Oh well, I guess it's all the same....She's just a BIG girl and is trying to catch up to her little petite sister.

She is already wearing the same size diapers as Haylee (sz 3) and will probably be wearing the same size clothes in no time!

Haylee's 15 month check up (even though she is 16 months) will be next week so I am anxious to see how much she weighs and what the girls difference's are.

Katelynn got 3 shots and had a very rough night. Kinda weird b/c my kids usually sleep allot after their shots. Nope, she had me awake EVERY HOUR on Wed night. I was exhausted yesterday!

Here is a picture of her trying her cereal for the first time. We have tried this about 3 times and she doesn't have the tongue rolling back yet. She hasn't got much down yet. Man, it is though having to feed 2 babies especially when they eat completely different things. I am still trying to figure out if I should just put Haylee in a booster chair to the table or if I should add another high chair to my extremely crowded kitchen. I hate to think of the mess Haylee will make w/out the highchair! Any ideas?


Anonymous said... my girls! I don't get to see them enough! They're getting so big! I love it when Katelynn trys to hide her smile!

amy said...

They are both dolls! I say go ahead and buy a booster that has a tray and use that until she's making less of a mess and then push her up to the table.

Laura said...

Wowza! Katelynn is big and I can't believe she's already 5 months old! We were just visiting you in the hospital! I say, too, to just use the booster. It seems like the mess is about as contained in the booster (with a tray) as it is in a high chair...

Cagle Family said...

They almost look like twins! I bet when Katelyn is older people will ask if they are twins.

So Precious!!