Wednesday, June 03, 2009

1st Dip in the Swimming Pool

This was Katelynn's first time ever to get in the swimming pool and she loved it. My friend Scarlett from our ABF invited us over to swim in her neighborhood pool and then to have a picnic lunch. Tyler was so excited and couldn't wait. I must say I was nervous having 3 little one's who don't know how to swim around the big pool. I knew my friends were there but they also had their own kid who don't know how to swim either. But, they were such a big help. Haylee was the brave one and the one we really had to keep our eye on ALL the time.

The water here was only 6 inches deep but when I put her in it without a floaty, she immediatly wanted to take off and start crawling but would loose her balance and fall in the water. So into the floaty she goes. She still managed to crawl and get around even with this big thing on her.

Here she is standing up to the side of the pool all by herself. Yikes! A little of Haylee's braveness!

Haylee stayed in this all of about 2 minutes and then she wanted out. She does not like to be strapped in to anything. I got her out and she was all over the place. Several times trying to sneak in the adult pool.

Then there is my content little guy floating in a "My Baby Flaot." Yes, this is why he will be starting swimming lessons this summer. He is quite affraid of the water. We just haven't been around a pool that much so he hasn't had that much exposure either. But even when he takes a bath or shower he doesn't like his face to get wet.
He LOVED being in this floaty and in fact learned to kick his feet and paddle with his hands and he was all over the pool. He kept saying but I can swim now momma!!! :-)

Haylee and my nephew Maxwell playing in the kiddie pool.

Sweet boy just as content as can be! He had fun too. Check out his toes!!!

Funny little story about Tyler. There was a Splash area for kiddos that evidently had not been turned on that day. It even had a thing that you walk up to and put your hand on it (I guess a sensor) to make it come on and it wouldn't. Bummer! Ayways, there was lady from the neighborhood there with her baby that we didn't know. I heard Tyler saying something to her and she laughed. I always worry about what little comments comes out of his mouth lately. you know what I mean, he is just at that stage. I asked her what he said. She said that he told her the splash park doesn't work because the batteries are dead. I LOL and said NICE! She laughed and said that is awesome...yall must have some dead batteries at your house. Hilarious!


Cagle Family said...

Love the story about Tyler!! Funny! You are a brave momma going to a pool w/ 3 kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family.


Jaime said...

Your children are adorable! And they have a great photographer!!

Cathy said...

Adorable and hilarious! =D Your kids seem to be very brave to be in the water. Did you have a hard time supervising all three? My kids can be balls of fire when in our pool, that’s why it has to be my husband and I who should supervise them.

Cathy Newman