Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a fun, easy going and no plans kind of Memorial Day. We started by me mowing the yard. If you are in shock and wondering why I have never mowed a yard, it's because I always had my dad or my older brother doing it. Then I got married and my husband refused to let me mow. AND I have been pregnant for most of our married years! :-) I have been asking Ryan if he would let me try so I could get outside and enjoy some sun. He works outside everyday so he enjoys being inside. So he proceeded to show me how to start the mower and what to do, LOL! We traded roles for about 2 hours and I loved it. I did get some sun (pretty red on the shoulders) and got to enjoy Tyler helping me. I actually let him help me push the mower and he was in HEAVEN.

Here is a picture of the girls hanging out in the driveway while bubba and daddy are practicing catch for his Tee ball. They were so cute I didn't get a chance to take a pic of bubba! :-(

Little miss Katelynn wearing the same shirt her sister wore last Memorial Day. Click here to see her! It is my favorite and I hope it still fits for the 4th of July!!

Cutie Patootie!!!!!!

We also had some fun in the sprinkler. After all of the mowing, the yard needed water and I told Tyler he could go get his swimsuit on a run around in the sprinkler. He was thrilled. I got the girls in their swim suit and headed to the back yard.

Katelynn wearing sister's swimsuit from last year. So nice to be able to pass things down. Although, Katelynn is catching up because Haylee is so tiny. This swimsuit was big on Haylee and fits Katelynn perfect. :-/ Click here to see Haylee last year.

Haylee's cute little hiney!!

Daddy holding little bit.

I was finally able to get Tyler to run all the way up to the sprinkler and stand in the middle. He won't admit it but he is so afraid of the water. Even in the bath/shower he hates for water to be in his face. We will be enrolling him in swimming lessons this summer to try to help with that. Not Haylee though, she is my little dare devil. She was running all around in that sprinkler. Even in the bath tub she lets me just dump cups full of water on her head and that's how I get shampoo out of her hair. It just runs all down her face and she has her eyes open the whole time. She never even breathes in the water and never chokes on it. She will probably do great with swimming. We are going with some friends today so we'll see how she does.

Tyler is so sweet with his sisters. Love this picture.

A very happy boy that he made it to the middle.

Fun and relaxing day!

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Nan said...

Great pics honey. Looks like ya'll had a great, easy going, memory making memorial day. I know the kids loved the sprinkler.

Love you,