Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So proud of my husband!!

Most of you have seen these on Facebook but for my blog readers that don't have FB here are some neat pictures of Ryan. He started eating healthier and working out back in January! We should have taken a "before" photo but forgot. Here is a picture form back in October that is close enough!

Here is Ryan (minus 85 lbs) now on his Birthday!!! That's right 7 months and he lost 85 lbs. He is looking great and feeling great.

Love that facial expression!

Here is the typical "Jared" picture. He is holding up his work jeans we had just bought 3 pairs of at Christmas....Urgh! You will have to excuse his wife beater shirt and yes he has on some gym shorts behind those jeans! :o) Way to go Ryan!!!! I am so happy for you. Love you babe!


Psalm112 said...

Oh my goodness! Congrats! So much fun! I need his secrets!

Laura said...

amazing! stinker - those mens take off the weight so easily!! so good for him!

amy said...

I totally missed this on FB! He looks AMAZING Robin! WTG Ryan! Now what were his secrets to such fast weight loss???

The Beautiful Cagle Family said...

Very Nice! Great Job Ryan. And I am sure Robin was a wonderful encourager.