Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summertime pictures and some catching up.....

I've noticed since I have gotten my iPhone that I haven't been as good about taking pictures with my camera. Something I am working on. All of these pictures were taken from my iPhone....some are pretty good some are not. Still learning!

An evening playing in the sprinklers in the front yard...love how Kate's hair gets curly when it's wet!

Haylee soaking wet in her outfit. It was totally not planned to let them play in the sprinklers so no swim suits are on.

Tyler and Katelynn....the only 2 that I can keep in one spot to snap a picture! ;o) Haylee is too busy to sit down for a picture these days.

Sweet little Katelynn

This is when Katelynn was sick (about a month ago or so)only I didn't know it. I thought is was just allergies or a cold or something. No fever and not really too fussy just allot of snot and congestion and coughing/wheezing. I finally took her to the doctor after 3 days of it and she tested positive for Flu A!! Whaa? I was shocked! HELLO, it's summer and we don't go anywhere! I just don't understand why she always gets these viruses. I can't complain too much....God has blessed her with about 2 months of being completely well.

Here's a picure of her at her doctors office before we found out about the Flu. On this visit I was told that she is going to be considered as a "asthma patient" because of her tnedency to ALWAYS have wheezing any time she gets a cold or any respiratory virus. So we were sent home with a long term asthma inhaler called Advair, a rescue inhaler called Proventil, singulair for allergies and cough and a 5 day course of oral steroids. We are also supposed to add Zyrtec on top of this. So much for me to absorb with all of the medicines and inhalers and just knowing that my daughter is diagnosed with true asthma. She will be on the inhaler every day for probably several years until they decide to wheen her off of it. The rescue inhaler is to be used during times where she gets a cold or is having respiratory problems. The Advair is more for preventative asthma and we are hoping we can get it all under control before this winter rolls around in hopes that she won't have another winter like she did last winter. She's a trooper!!

Haylee sliding down her slide. This was given to us by our next door neighbor. Their kids were too big for it and tried to sell it in the garage sale. It didn't sell so she just gave it to us. Haylee and Katelynn LOVE it along with their also FREE play house.

Tyler got to attend this years VBS at our church if I voluntered as a worker. Next year he will be old enought to go without me voluntereing. He had a blast and I was so busy I didn't get to snap hardly any pictures. Here is a picture of him during the worship time!

The theme this year was Crocodile Dock and the key passage was to "Fear Not". So they bring out a REAL crocodile for everyong to see.....Nice!


Laura said...

yay! I love the mirror shot of Katelynn. Cutie-patootie! And Jake liked VBS too girl. Crazy LP bringing out a crocodile!

amy said...

Your kids are always so adorable! Sorry to hear of Kate's sickness. She is looking so grown up...what happened to our babies? : (

The Beautiful Cagle Family said...

So glad to see updated pics of the kiddos. Sorry K has been sick, poor thing. They are all such cutties!!!