Friday, February 05, 2010

Tyler's 6th Birthday Party

Okay, so I am still way behind on posting.....lots busy things and after of a month of sickness and hospital stays in December we had a wonderful Jan. with not one sickness. BUT, on Feb 1st, we started with a bang. Katelynn had the tummy bug which transferred over to Ryan and then to Haylee! SO FAR, Tyler and I have missed it but we will see how the next 2 days or so go!

Anyways, here are some pictures that I didn't want to skip......

We celebrated Tyler's 6th Birthday at a little place in downtown Wylie called Wylie Motor Speedway. They were very reasonable in price and it was right down the street! It was by far Tyler's favorite!!!

Since it was a "race car" place, we went with the Car's theme which is still one of Tyler's favorite things. See his big smile!

About to do some Drag Racing....this was so amazing to see. I think she said those cars go like 60mph on these tracks. This particular race was special. Only for Tyler and parents, grandparents and aunt and uncles. (More for adults but they allow the birthday boy to do it as well!)

Time to open some presents!!

And here is the racing for all the other kiddos. They got to do this part for over 30 min! The kids LOVED it!

So funny to see the cars spin out of control! Even the owner guy has a little announcing booth that he sits in and talks over the microphone like during real races on who is winning. So funny!

Before everyone got there they let Tyler have some practice on the small tracks with the bigger cars. He really had a great birthday and we may be using this place again!!


Laura said...

that WAS a great place for a party - so fun and unique!

Kaleena said...

That looks WAY fun!