Thursday, August 07, 2008

See no evil....Hear no evil!

Some of you might remember this picture from a while back
This is how she used to eat her bottles:

This is how she eats her bottles now! I think it is a comfort thing because she just gently holds her ears.

I think it is really cute except I need her to hold her bottles. She knows how to but would rather hold her ears. If I make her hold her bottle, she wont finish it and the bottle is wasted and she gets hungry sooner.

What to do? Silly girl I am about to have to feed your sister every 3 hours. I guess I can breast feed and bottle feed at the same time. Haylee will turn one pretty soon and we will try to do away with the bottle ASAP. Tyler did great going from bottle formula to sippy cup of milk but Haylee is all together different than him and I am not sure it will be as easy!

Pretty girl!


amyc said...

I went cold turkey from the bottle with both my kids right at 1. At first neither of them took much milk from the sippy but by 2 weeks or so they had increased to the normal amount. I just made sure they were eating enough yogurt and cheese to make up for the milk. Good luck!

Deanna said...

The bottles that we use have sippy cups as well. The parts interchange, so we've been giving Jocilyn the sippy cup with water and a bottle nipple to get used to the idea of using the little training handles.

BTW - That nursing pillow that Jodi has allows breast feeding almost hands free!