Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Very busy in the Ivy house........

As you can tell by my lack of blogging it is very busy in the Ivy house. I feel so out of sorts because I long to have some sort of order and schedule going and that is not happening at all. I thought that while Ryan was home with me it would be the best time to make some changes and he could be there to help. We switched Haylee to whole milk instead of formula out of a sippy cup instead of a bottle. We still give her formula if we are out of the house but she is all whole milk at home. That went better than I thought but I think she is more upset about baby sister taking her place in mommy's lap. That seems to be her biggest complaint. Tyler is doing very good just a little acting out when he isn't getting enough attention. Katelynn is much like Haylee was at night. For instance....I got 3 hours of sleep last night! I do believe we have a colic baby on our hands. Unfortunately her pumpkin hours are from about 10 or 11pm to 1 or 2am! So I get to sleep from 2 til 5am and then Ryan gets up for work and it is time for Katelynn to feed again. Because nursing isn't going so well I have to pump about this time of the morning and by the time I am done with all of that Haylee is waking up. I know things will get better and more sleep will come but man it is tough. One good thing going for me is that it hasn't been that long since I was up all hours of the night dealing with a colic baby so it isn't as bad as it was when I had Haylee. I feel like the morning is worse though. Haylee wants to cuddle and Katelynn is crying and Tyler is hungry. I just want to get a schedule going and cant wait for that to happen. So enough of my complaining, here are a few pictures to share with you!

Mommy and Katelynn

She looks most like Tyler to me and we think she has brown eyes!

Haylee had fun with me at the hospital until she saw her new sister. She wanted to climb in the hospital crib to get her.

Proud big brother!

Sweet kisses!

After we got home. Sleeping on tummy trying to help out the gas bubbles!

Kissable lips!


mommyof5 said...


She looks so sweet. Don't worry things will get eaiser as far as getting a schdeule. And don't give up on nursing. It takes time but the end result of free milk and fewer bottles will pay off. It was hard for me with all 3 of them at the beginning exspecially the first few weeks to months with the twins.
Keeping trying it will get easier!! You are doing a good job...with taking care of all the kids...it is hard work. But I am here if you need anything!!!

Cagle Family said...

I am glad you are doing this before me, I hope to learn a few things from you!! Chad and I always say just pretned you are at camp for 6 months and you know you are not going to get any sleep and it will be crazy and fun!

Deanna said...

Glad to see the update. You are super woman! Steven has promised to get my car back to me in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully I will be available to help with something if you need it.

If you have a double pump, I have a hands free holder thing for it that you can try if you want. It did make things a little easier.

amyc said...

She is just as beautiful as can be! I know it will take some adjusting getting use to three with no sleep! Thanks for the update and hope you are recovering well!

Ben, Sheila, & Isaac said...

Hey girl! Things will get better. I wish I could be there to help out some. Keep trying with the nursing thing. It will get easier as you and Katelynn get the hang of it. Let me know if you need anything. She is absolutely beautiful.

mommyof5 said...

Hey. Does your sister have the pictures from your baby shower? I would love to see them.
Mommy of 5

Julie said...


I've been meaning to write. She is absolutely beautiful. You and Ryan have the most precious children. We're sorry we won't be able to meet her for as while. We are hoping to visit over Christmas. I know you've got your hands full so we will be praying for you all. All our love,
James & Julie