Saturday, February 14, 2009

A day outside

I think this was a couple of Saturday's ago and it was a beautiful day. Ryan has been working every weekend since New Years so my mom came over to watch the kids so I could go get a much needed haircut. On my way out the door my mom mentioned that there was a playhouse that someone had set by the side of the road with a bunch of trash. I drove that way as I left to take a peek at it and called mom back to see if my dad could come snatch it up. Even if he could come get it I thought for sure that it would be gone. Well I got home from my hair appt and there it was in my driveway.

The kids loved it. Tyler is a little tall but it will be perfect for Haylee and Katelynn! It is in great shape.

Haylee checking out Tyler's Big Wheel.

And raking the leaves. We have 2 HUGE 50 year old Pecan trees in the back yard and they produce tons and tons of leaves. It's up to the kids knees when they walk in the back yard. And as you can see they blow to the front yard too. That's how tall these tree's are.

Peek a boo!

Haylee loves this dancing/singing Santa Tyler got from his Granny. She carries him around everywhere. I keep thinking after all the times she has dropped him he will stop working. Nope, it actually seems like he is getting louder and louder. I make Tyler keep him in the garage. It's mean I know but my stress level is high enough during the day without that Santa singing 12 days of Christmas! So she kept getting him out of the garage and taking him in her playhouse and making him sing. Neighbors were looking at me as if I had a radio turned on playing this Christmas song. LOL


Growing Up...Isaac said...

That's a great playhouse! What an awesome find. Can't beat free!!!

Laura said...

fun...I love that she loves the santa - so random and silly the things they get attached to. and AWESOME playhouse! I love finding stuff like that. blessing for you guys!