Monday, February 02, 2009

The road to recovery...

Katelynn is getting better! YAY! I took her to the doctor this morning and she listened to her lungs and gave me the thumbs up basically. No more wheezing which means no more breathing treatments. She has just 2 days left of one of the antibiotics and she will be done with the medicine.

She has been a happier baby and more herself for the past day or two. She is such a sweet baby and I am so glad for her to be through all of this. Thank you for all who were praying for her. Our prayers were certainly answered.

Now if I can just get her through the "I've been sick and I want to be held all the time" mindset, we'll be doing good!


Tiffany Taylor said...

SO glad she's doing better. I know what you mean about the "I've been sick and I'm used to being held" mentality. Good luck with that! :)

Cagle Family said...

So glad she is better! I think RSV was very bad this year. Cru got it and had it for 3 weeks and we had not been anywhere for him to pick it up, so Iam sure one of his sisters brought it home.

Thank God the breathing treatments are over too!! Not fun!