Monday, February 02, 2009

Haylee's BFF Noah

For Christmas, Haylee got a "Little People" Noah's Ark set. She has played with it very well and loves to take out all the animals then put them back in the boat over and over again. One night she brought the little old man up to me and I pointed to him and said "Noah." She replied back to me immediately "Wo wha" and immediately ran to bubba and streched her arm out and happily said "wo wha" and last ran to daddy and showed him wowha. After playing with him for a hour, she took him to sleep with her that night and not too long after I had laid her down I heard Noah hit her hard wood floor in her room. I thought to myself, don't forget to look for Noah in the morning. Here is a picture of Haylee's BFF Noah:

Tyler likes to get Haylee out of the bed in the mornings sometimes so I let him this morning and he must have grabbed Noah as well. Haylee saw the Ark and quickly remembered "wo wha" and she started looking everywhere for him. I told Tyler to go look for Noah that Haylee had dropped him last night out of her bed and he was somewhere in there. Little did I know he was playing his own little game. They looked and looked and I finally joined in looking everywhere. Haylee walked around just in her sweetest little voice pleaing for Noah to come out.....Wo wha, wo wha she said it probably 100 times almost crying for him.

We finally found him! HOURS later we found him.....Tyler had put him under the couch and has since hid him several more times just to torcher Haylee. This last time he had been gone for a couple of weeks and I thought Haylee would have forgotten about him. I found him when I was cleaning Tyler's room and I showed her and said, Haylee who is that. She just screamed, did a happy dance and grabbed and hugged him and said "Wo wha!" She remembered and it made her day! I have instructed Tyler that he will be in very big trouble if he hides Noah again.

Here are just a few extra pictures of this sweet funny girl. You can see Noah's Ark in the back of this picture.

Big O Grin! This is the biggest grin I think I have ever gotten on camera. (Love the Sponge Bob top two teeth.)She like to wear lots of bows now. If she finds a bow laying around, she thinks it needs to be in her hair regardless if she already has one or not. They don't even have to match.

Thought this one was cute. She is such a Sass!


Growing Up...Isaac said...

Haylee is precious! I love the bows!

Laura said...

OH! LOVE this post! SO cute! Wo-wah... And the sponge-bob teeth - that's hilarious! Max has that going on too. Cute, cute girl...