Thursday, September 04, 2008

I wish I could remember to take some pictures....

Sorry, I have no new pictures to post right now but I thought I would just drop a note and let you know I am still alive.....I think. My birthday is coming up on Sat the 6th and I keep forgetting about it. I was pregnant on my last birthday when I was 30 and have already been pregnant again and had another baby girl. My family went from a family of 3 to a family of 5 since my last birthday. At least I am not pregnant for this birthday and can maybe enjoy it although I don't know that we are going to do anything.

So I am turning 31 and I feel 40. I did something to my neck the week we came home from the hospital (actually 2 weeks ago from today) and it is still hurting me. I have been on muscle relaxers for a week and a half and tylenol and advil. Nothing is helping is seems. They have now put me on some steroids. They think my neck pain is causing my headaches which I have had every day since last Tuesday. I am just a mess but trying to stay positive. I'm not pregnant anymore and that is one thing to be happy about.

I am very happy that I am able to fit back in my old jeans already. I want to continue to lose more weight and hopefully look more like what I did when Ryan and I got married. It is a far stretch but with me not working I hope to eventually have time and a schedule that allows me to walk and eventually run like I used to. I know this would make me feel more like I am 31 and not 40.

Haylee is doing better with the new sister and seems to be adjusting. She has her moments though. I am trying to get her 1st B-day party together and planned. It will be on Sunday Sept 21st for those of you who need to put it in your calender. She had had to grow up so much the past month it seems like. I love her little personality that is coming out...she is just a doll!

Tyler is doing good. My first day by myself all day was Tuesday and he woke up sick to his stomach. I had to take Katelynn to her 2 week check up so I asked Aunt Stephanie to come sit with Tyler and Haylee so I wouldn't have to take everyone and bust out the double stroller in the small doctors office. Poor Tyler ended up throwing up while I was gone...or should I say poor Stephanie. He felt 100% after that and played outside the rest of the day. Must have been something he ate.

Katelynn is a bit like Haylee. The past 2 night have been much better but the nights before that were about 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours of sleep for me. I guess the steroids are helping me have some energy. We are trying to figure out her constipation problem and I have stopped the breast feeding. The pedi wanted me to continue to supplement with formula and she pretty much refused the breast feeding thing. If she had been my 1st or even 2nd and I didn't have another baby hanging on me I probably would have done much better but that was one thing that I could take off my plate. Time management was huge to me and if I had spent 30 min trying to get her to nurse and then had to give her a bottle anyway then I had to pump (plus I kept getting blocked milk ducts that was extremely painful) I wanted to trade that for a 15 minute feeding. She is sweet and slept all night 2 nights ago and only woke up one time last night for a feeding.

I will do my best to take some pictures of the kiddos. Looks like I talked about everybody but Ryan. He is back to work and misses the time he had at home with me and the kids. We are getting closer to our 7 year anniversary coming up in October and I am excited. What is the 7 year itch all about. We have our struggles but have no itch to go elsewhere. We started the Financial Peace University class by Dave Ramsey at church last night. It is tough to sit through it and hear all of the ways the have made mistakes and how $$ is the #1 reason marriages are torn apart. We are staying strong and hope to learn how to plan for our future and get out of debt. It is going to take a while and it will be hard but we have committed to this and we are hopeful. So anyway new pictures to come soon. I promise! Here are a couple of cute pictures I took before I had Katelynn. I meant to post them before but never had time...enjoy! Still had room in his lap for Katelynn!


Ben, Sheila, & Isaac said...

Hey girl. It sounds like you are doing a great job, even though you think you're losing it! :) I'll keep praying for you. I really don't know how you do it except for God's help, so that's what I pray for. I hope you get to feeling better and Katelynn gets her system worked out. Love ya girl!

mommyof5 said...

Come by when you get a chance and see the award I have for you!!!

Mommy of 5

Laura said...

Thanks for the full update Robin. You're doing such a great job and your family is so beautiful, you know? You'll look back on this busy time (that really says a lot - that you added 2 kids between your 30th and 31st birthdays!!) and laugh and tell stories. I will continue to pray for your neck issues and God's strength/patience for you, like Sheila said. Love from the Kelleys!