Saturday, September 20, 2008

Haylee's 1 year stats

I took Haylee to her 1 year appointment and she is doing good. They didn't give her the shots because she was running a fever. We have had a rough week but I just thought she was teething but when they went to examine her throat, they found white blisters in the back of her mouth/throat and said she has Hand, Mouth and Foot Disease. Anyways, we will go back in about a month for the shots. They are also going to do a "lead" test because of where Ryan works and what he is exposed to and exposes us to. :-(

Weight 18.7 (10-25%) petite little girl!
Height 29 (50%)
Head 18 (50-75%)

They are a little worried about her dropping in the weight percentile. They if she had always been 10-20% they wouldn't be as worried but the fact that she started in the top percentile and has steady dropped in to the bottom worries them. I told them Tyler was the same way and she said that made her feel better. I just have big babies and then they turn into tiny babies. :-)

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