Thursday, September 11, 2008

Three's a crowd!

Many of you know that we were trying to get a new car. With the car seats we had, we weren't able to fit a 3rd car seat in the back seat of my 07 Camry. So here we have this new car that we signed a lease on in 06 and thought even if we got pregnant in the next year we would have room for 2 kiddos back there. We were trying to get out of my SUV (Grand Cherokee) and save on gas mileage by getting a more economic car such as the Camry. On a side note, we have saved in gas but would have noticed more of a difference if I continued to work. I don't drive anywhere now and therefore we only fill up usually once maybe twice a month. It would be great if we didn't get rid of the Jeep now. If we only knew a 2nd and 3rd child would be here soon.

Oh well, we did talk to all of the dealerships and we just weren't in a position to get out of this car. We are still very upside down in it and we cant just "break our lease". After extensive internet searching and lots of crunching numbers and measurements, we decided if we could get all new car seats (one's that were skinnier than the one's we had) it might work.

We made a trip up to Target with some gift cards I had gotten at my shower and started measuring car seats and booster seats. We knew it was going to be tight but thought let's give it a try. Ryan put them in and it does fit. It is tight as can be, in fact Tyler has to buckle his seat belt before we snap Katelynn down in her car seat base. Well, let me rephrase that , I have to buckle Tyler's seat belt because it is too much of a tight squeeze and he isn't coordinated enough to reach down there and buckle it.

Now our next purchase will be a seat belt extender and that should help tremendously with Tyler's car seat. Here are a couple of pictures of the kids lined up. It was too funny to Ryan and I at first to look back there and think man has our family grown fast. We would just laugh. We will keep this car until our lease runs out or we are able to get out of it and into a better deal. It would be nice to have a little more room because Tyler continuously pesters Haylee which causes her to scream which drives momma CRAZY! :)

Yes, we turned Haylee around a few weeks early but we literally had no other choice unless we took 2 cars everywhere. I was hopeful that she would like to be in the car more now that she is in her big girl seat. NOPE....she is just as fussy if not more. Or maybe she is just competing with Katelynn. They both cry in the car and poor Tyler just covers his ears.


amyc said...

Oh no! That is a sneak preview to what my back seat will look like in 4 weeks. LOL I have an expedition now so I actually could put one in the very back but I think it would be harder to try to get my big butt back there to buckle someone in. Glad you worked it out so that you didn't need a new car!

Adrianne said...

well if any encouragement here girl at least you haven't had to join the mini van crew..... yes they are roomie but so say " I am old and have lots o kids" instead of " Yes I am a parent but I am still cool" hee hee sorry have to try to find the humor or good in all things ;-) Although joining the Family of Five I think is pretty awesome and I know you are enjoying it too with your precious three.

Laura said...

I LOVE IT! Smiling the whole time reading this. Tyler is such a great big brother...