Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I really have to keep my eyes on all 3 of them but mostly Haylee. Tyler is old enough to know not to throw stuff at "baby sister" and Katelynn is not old enough to know how to do anything!

Quick story....I was giving Katelynn a bottle and Tyler was screaming my name from his room. Not a uncommon thing in the Ivy household! I told (well, yelled) him to come here to talk to me. He screams my name and now he is getting louder and more intense and the next "MOMMA" came right after that with no pause. I got up and carried Katelynn in there only to find my 4 year old holding up his huge wooden closet door that had come off the tracks and was falling. The scariest thing was Haylee was sitting right under it bouncing up and down just having a ball. I laid Katelynn down on his bed and moved Haylee very quickly to the hallway in case I dropped it and then grabbed it from Tyler. Wow, this is what I saw looking at my boy holding up the closet door..

SUPERBOY! Obviously a car is much heavier but you get the idea. Wish I had gotten pictures but telling Tyler to hold that pose seems pretty cruel and risky. For those young ones out there this picture is from the original Superman when he was a boy.

So here is sweet Tyler lying around minding his own business watching the TV that I pretty much have on all the time :-(

and here is the little pistol barreling over sweet Tyler. He's so good about it he just jumps right up and starts playing with her. She usually doesn't respond and kinda whines to me if he tries to grab her feet or something. She will have to learn not to start things if she can't handle them directed towards her. She's a little mess.

So Tyler helps her put his boots on her and helps her "try" to walk in them. She loves wearing these things! Sweet big brother to help her all the time.

Then here is sweet baby sister sleeping away on my couch. I know I should have her in the bassinet but for some reason it is just easier to lay them there after a diaper change. She does sleep pretty well here too. :-) Look at those sweet little feet!

Here comes big sister with sweet intentions and just pure innocence. I caught her before she was able to do anything to her. Most of the time she has just taken her blanket off of her or is trying to reach her to give sister her passy. There has been a few times that weren't so innocent when I was holding Katelynn and Haylee would crawl up to me and I guess I was just distracted but she would haul off and hit her in the head and say aaaahhhh, as if Katelynn was so sweet like her baby dolls. She has even snuck in her cheerio container to use on Katelynn's head. That was in the very beginning and I am way more cautious now. Poor Katelynn!

By the way, Haylee has some new words (semi words that mom can understand.) Sha-sha (sister) Ight (light) and Na na (night night and also for her sippy cup?)


mommyof5 said...

Don't love having little ones. My have always been pretty good to each other. But I understand how you feel. I am glad you are doing good!!

Mommy of 5

Laura said...

Great updates girl. Like I've said before, I love Tyler's sweet attitude toward his sisters. Sweet girls... we have plenty of sibling issues over here -- getting better, and I can't wait until Max can play more with Jake and they can communicate more and pretend together, you know? I pray that they'll be buddies all their lives...
You inspire me girl!

Cagle Family said...

wow, what a story. i bet that wont be the last time he protects his little sister!!