Saturday, October 18, 2008

Costumes 2008

This is a picture of Tyler and Haylee from last year. Katelynn will be wearing the "chili pepper" costume this year and we retired the Spiderman costume this year after Tyler has worn it for 2 years now.

This year Haylee is a butterfly and Tyler is a Firefighter. Look how much they have grown. I got the best deal on this costume. I have been watching Craigslist and Ebay for a cheap Fireman costume but they haven't been cheap at all or they are for a 12 month old. I called Kid to Kid yesterday just to see if by chance they would have one and they said they did but they were looking for the jacket that went to it. They weren't sure if it was misplaced or if someone took it. I hung up and forgot to ask what size so my mom and I decided to go up there and look. When I walked in they had just found the jacket. It is so cute and obviously too big but Tyler was so excited to find one. Plus I told him he could wear it a few years. This is what he had been telling me all month he wanted to be. Did some researching and the tag in the costume had a website and I went there and found this costume for $59.95. SERIOUSLY? Who would pay that much? I happily paid $12.99. I still have to get Tyler a helmet but what a deal!

Proud little boy!

Sweet little butterfly.


Laura said...

Cute, cute!!

That fireman suit looks like the real deal! And I love the butterfly. So fun to get to do girly costumes! :)

We're reusing old costumes too. Max will be a monkey (remember Jake in that?) and Jake will be Buzz Lightyear (b/c I got it cheap at the Disney store after Halloween last year), I think...

Jaime said...

If you take Tyler up to a fire station I bet they would take a picture of him hanging off the truck... I've seen this happen before!

They might even loan him a hat!