Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Haylee's 1st Birthday Party

We had Haylee's 1st B-day party a couple of weeks ago. She had so much fun and got so many fun toys but most of all she got TONS of clothes!

This was her horsey Aunt Brookie got for her. We let her ride on it before she actually opened presents.

Here is her SMASH cute!

And this is her actual B-day cake!

Picture with the says "THE BIG 1"

Singing Happy Birthday song and we let Tyler blow out the candles.

You can see Ryan's hand that he had just set it down on the tray and she slaps her hands on her cake immediately. Just her personality...Tyler starred at his a while then slowly tested it. Not Haylee she is our "No Fear/Brave one" and she just went for it.

Of course once she got it on her hands she what quite sure what to do with it but she knew daddy would. So she shared with daddy....

and shared with mommy before she ever took her first bite.

Now she understands what to do with it. Yummy!

A quick picture with the B-day cap on!

Sweet big brother. I felt so bad I didn't change his church clothes before we packed up everything for the party. He was so hot and I was just so busy trying to remember everything to bring that I forgot about him. :-( Sorry Bud!

And sweet little sister. Funny thing to think of......Katelynn will be able to say she attended her "big" sister's 1st birthday party! Weird!

Aunt Carrie and Haylee playing and being silly!

Present time...she had no patience for presents. All she wanted to do was crawl around and walk a little. She loved being outside and you could tell I don't get her out much these days. I think she sat long enough to open 2 maybe 3 gifts and the rest was all me and daddy.

Happy Birthday big girl!

Riding her horsey in her Tutu! Yay Haylee!


mommyof5 said...

Too cute. Wish we could have come too. I bet she had a wonderful time!!


Jaime said...

Great pictures!

So sweet how she shared with y'all first before taking her first bite! Sounds like she's a very thoughtful daughter!

Laura said...

I could just eat her up! I love her little toothy grins. :D Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Deanna said...

Sorry we missed it! Happy birthday a little late, Haylee!