Friday, May 22, 2009

The move has finally been made!

We finally moved Katelynn into Haylee's room to her own bed. She had been sleeping in a smaller version of a playpen but since she is getting so mobile and aware it was time to do the merge.

Our night always starts by reading a book for all to hear in Bubba's room. The girl's are starting to learn to listen when we read the book. We end our evening with our bedtime prayer which Haylee can almost say all of the words to. Katelynn just watches us all recite the bedtime prayer.

After putting Bubba to bed, we head to the girls room and put the girls in each of their beds. (Obviously for picture purposes we put them in the same bed this time!) They have done great. In fact, I have found that Katelynn does better if Haylee is in the room with her. For that reason, I have put Haylee back on a morning nap so Katelynn will go to sleep. :-/ I know soon Katelynn won't need that nap anymore and this way they can be on the same schedule. It has been a full week and they have both slept through the night every night!!!! I am so glad it went so well.

Cute little Katelynn!!


mommyof5 said...

I love the matching outfits!! To cute!! Hope all is well! I am so Happy for the hole family that moving Katlynn has turned out so well!!

amy said...

Awesome! I'm glad the transition is going so well! They are all so cute!

Jaime said...

Tyler is going to have his hands full keeping the boys away from these 2 beautiful girls!!

Laura said...

That's awesome! The girls really love each other, right? the nursery the other day, they were loving on each other - too cute. How great to have them sleeping at the same time!