Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sorry for the delay.......ANOTHER sick kid!

I had hoped to come home and post a update that evening after the pulmonology update but it just didn't happen. I had ha migraine all afternoon that day and it even kept me up in the night. Another short person in my house kept me up that night. Haylee was up coughing all night and since I had a migraine I asked Ryan to help. He went a dealt with her and when he came back to the room I just thought to ask him, was she warm? He said yeah, kinda! I knew it just by the sound of her cry she was sick.

So Tuesday morning I called and her doctor was out so we had to see the NP. They tested her for Flu and Strep which bot came back negative. They then decided she had croup by the sound of her cough. Tyler had croup a couple of times and Haylee has had it once so I knew what it sounded like and her cough did resemble the "seal bark" that you have with croup. So she was put on 3 days of Steroids to help w/ the inflammation in her airway.

Wednesday was difficult. Her fever was high she would cough so much she would vomit. She wouldn't eat or drink hardly at all. In fact, I only changed her diaper 3 times yesterday and one time was b/c I was putting her in the bath after she threw up ALL OVER ME. That's right! It was either me or my carpet so I took one for the team! :-) I decided that she seemed more sick to just have the croup so I called and got her in with her doctor who was back in the office. She is familiar with my kids and how sick Katelynn had been. Thankfully, my dad was able to come over and watch Tyler and Kate both days so I didn't have to expose them to more illnesses up there.

She decided to test her again for the Flu and also for RSV. BINGO...RSV was positive! What is it with this RSV? Why must it attack my family? Why won't it go away? I am so tired of it and ready for summer. Supposedly, that is what is going to cure my kiddos. Please Lord, take this away from my children. Help give their little bodies the strength to fight off the things. Help repair their little immune systems. Help me with my sanity. I so want to feel like a mom and not a nurse. Help me with my faith and that I can trust in you to heal them.

So, Haylee is still sick and the next step is to collect a urine sample from her and test to make sure there is not a infection going on there. We are just trying to cover all the basis because you are usually not running this much fever with RSV.

Back to the Pulmonologist appt! He really downplayed the whole 6 positive RSV test since Dec. He stated that it could stay in your system for a while and that maybe she got it 1st in Dec. but then got a few other viruses after that before her immune system was able to get back to normal and that might be what has kept her sick. I told him, I don't go anywhere!!!! In fact, because they have been so sick I have kept her especially at home most of the time with the exception of going to grandma's and grandpa's. I even kept her out of the church nursery for a month and a half and I kept Tyler and Haylee out for several weeks as well in hopes to get them better. I made sure Tyler knew not to put anything in his mouth especially his hands and that he was to wash his hands after church. I disinfected my home washed all sheets, pillows, animals and any other thing around them. I wiped down beds and toys and did all I knew to do. What is the chances of her getting it again if she doesn't go anywhere?

He said just going to the grocery store she could pick it up. I told him that I don't take them to the grocery store. I am literaly on house arrest in some cases because I have 2 that I have to carry and there is just no sence in me getting out with them. Now that the weather is getting better I would like to go to the parks and fun places but not until they are better. He basically came down to 3 conclusions. 1.) Acid Reflux ....prescribed her Prevacid 2.) RAD Respiratory Airway Disease .......prescribed her Advair and also a rescue inhaler 3.) Allergy to Irritants.....prescribed her Singulair. Does someone so young need this much medicine. I am not excited at all about all of these meds!

One topic that did peak my interest was in their routine questions they asked if there was mold in our house. YES!!?! I started thinking. Could that be what is causing all of the respiratory problems. It doesn't explain the +RSV test that were done but could it explain why their immune system has been down and why they keep getting sick?? This is something Ryan and I are going to check in to. We have a old friend that is in/or used to be in the mold remediation business. If any of you have any knowledge of this please let us know. I know that this was a big scare years back but haven't heard much on it lately and we don't want to get suckered in and scammed.

That's it for now. I will hopefully post another update soon on both girls but for now I need to administer some medicine to Haylee.
Thanks for all the prayers!


Growing Up...Isaac said...

Hey Robin! I am so sorry that you're having to deal with all this. I cannot imagine having to take care of two sick babies all by myself each and every day. But, God knows that you are capable. He has equipped you with the faith, strength and courage to handle all this. Just trust in Him to bring you and your girls through it. I know He will. I'll be praying for you guys!

Laura said...

wow, wow, wow. girl, I didn't know it was that bad last week. so so sorry you guys didn't get to have your weekend away. how is she now? and mold. hmm...interesting. talk to andy about it - i do think he's of the opinion that people get suckered and scared by the whole thing. i guess it's a huge deal to remediate mold. but who knows? wonder if that's not causing issues...

also, let us know if you want to reschedule a trip and Andy can be sure to cover teaching. love you.