Monday, May 25, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things......(part one)

This is something I have been wanting to post about for a while. In fact, I have been thinking of some favorite things for a while and if I get a chance I search for a pic of it. I have been saving them in a folder and waiting for my life to calm down so I could actually do a fun post about me. I would love to see your favorite things as well so feel free to jump on the bandwagon.

First and foremost are my necessity's that I just don't want to be without. My Lord and Savior Christ Jesus!

My amazing husband of almost 8 years! I am so blessed to have him!

My sweet family of 5 with 3 wonderful and beautiful kiddos!

This is my ESV Thinline Bible Ryan bought me several years ago. This has become our favorite translation of the Bible and have several others in fact.

Next are some nice things that I have that I do enjoy so much. My new Nike's I got this Mother's Day.....aren't they cute!

My Mother's Day present in 2006 before we had the girl's. This is Tyler's birthstone so Ryan thought I could have a "Mother's ring!" No what do we do with Haylee's Saphire and Katelynn's Peridot? LOL, get real! We have 3 kids now and I don't work to bring in any money so this will just have to be my only "Mother's ring" for a while. I absolutely LOVE it though and it is definitely a favorite!

A Few Favorite Foods/Drinks

If you know me, then you know that I love Chipotle. My absolute favorite is the Barbacoa Burrito. Ryan and I both eat it open style where we cut it open and eat the filling first then if we have room (which I have NEVER been able to finish one) we eat the tortilla last. Their chips are the best too!!!!

I don't go here that often now that I am a stay at home mommy but this is a favorite when I do get to splurge a little. I almost always get the Carmel Macchiato. YUM!

These go perfect with the above favorite thing! Lemon Madeline's from none other than LaMadeline's. I love so many things at LaMadeline's but I do think these are a favorite. SO yummy!

Are you hungry yet? I must admit that I did NOT have a sweet tooth prior to marrying my husband. Yep, I acquired that from him unfortunately. These Ghirardelli brownies are out of this world!!

A stapel in my house growing up was Kool-Aid. This was one of the one's my mom made allot but it is the one I make exclusively! Now in the past few months we have been trying to be healthier and we have been doing Crystal Light. It's just not the same and it's definitely NOT a favorite of mine but MUCH less sugar!

This is one of my favorite restarants that we don't get to go to enough. In fact, this is where Ryan and I had our Rehearsal dinner for our wedding. Everything we have had here is wonderful. They have the best fajita's but Ryan and I usually get the Chuychanga! :-)

I LOVE me some chocolate milk. Always have and I loved it even more when I was pregnant! :-)

Last on the food and drink catagory is Rocky Road!

Got to go now.....more later!


amy said...

That post totally made my mouth water ; )

Laura said...

Fun! Ooohh...I'll have to try those brownies! That was fun to read...keep 'em coming!