Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some new things about Tyler...

I just feel the need to post about my sweet Tyler! Seeing that he is four he isn't learning things every month or even every week like Haylee, I feel like he gets left out. I am always snapping pics of Haylee doing something new that amazes me that she has learned and it isn't always something visible with Tyler. We have been working with him on writing and how to hold his pen or pencil. One thing he should know by now and doesn't is how to write his name. It is my goal over the next month or so to get him to be able to write his name by himself.

He really enjoyed VBS and talks about when does he get to go back. He doesn't understand why it is over and hard to comprehend that he can go again next summer. He sings the songs and talks about the stories he learned.

He has had to be such a big boy for me lately due to complications I have been having. I have been having episodes where my blood pressure drops too much and it makes me pass out. I have had the episodes for about 3-4 weeks now and have actually passed out 2 times. He just sits beside me, holds my hand and says "it's okay'll feel better soon." If it happens when I am not prepared and haven't called daddy or other family to come help me he knows to run next door to get our neighbor to help. Such a big boy and a big helper. Thank you Lord for my grown up Tyler. He is such a blessing!

One thing I have battled lately is the TV show Calliou. I know, sounds weird but I would love your opinions on this. Hopefully most of you mommies have seen this and can tell me what you think. I think the show is fine in most areas. I like the morals and what Calliou learns each day. I like the simplicity of the cartoon and that it isn't unrealistic like some other cartoons. I even like how the parents deal with Calliou in every situation but I can't stand Calliou's voice and some of his actions. He constantly whines to his parents and it is a very noticeable whine. The second issue is he usually isn't nice to his little sister Rosie. He talks to her in a very rude manner and treats her like she is a pest. I probably would have never had a problem with it until Tyler starts talking like him and starts acting out with Haylee like Calliou does with his sister Rosie like taking and not sharing toys. I know this comes natural to this age but not sure that I want Tyler to see it being acted out in front of him. :( This is one of Tyler's favorite shows. He even knows what time it comes on and begs for the TV to be turned on to Calliou.

I had abruptly made the decision the other day that we were not going to watch it anymore after a miserable outing to Target. I seriously thought he had turned into Calliou. I made mention several times over the past week or so that if he started talking and whining like Calliou that mommy was not going to let him watch it that day. That didn't seem to help and so I vetoed that show. Bless his heart, he has asked me so politely and says " I won't talk like him anymore mommy!" It breaks my heart but if any of you know Tyler, he used to always talk in this forced deep grown up voice ALL THE TIME and I actually loved it. I actually thought we may never have to battle the baby talk because my son sounds like he has already gone through puberty. It became almost natural for him to talk that way. I don't like the baby/whiny talk from Calliou and don't want my son to imitate it.

So, am I being too harsh? Ryan says it's just a TV show and that we have the right to take away shows that promote bad behavior and he is behind me. I just feel mean and want to find something to replace that time of the day to make Tyler forget about Calliou. Something fun....but then there is all the "up next is Calliou or today at 12:30 is Calliou" to remind him. Uugh! What to do? Am I being unrealistic and overly mean? What would you do?

As I am rereading my blog to make corrections...God is showing me how blessed I am that this is my biggest hurdle with him right now. He has really grown up and so independent now. I can remember just a few months ago posting about his unending questions and how much it drove me crazy and now this. That hasn't ended but it is way better! Thank you Lord for the struggles and the choices we get to make when it comes to raising our kids. I pray that I make the right choices for my children that glorify You!


Deanna said...

I'm so sorry to hear about you passing out! Been there, but I didn't have kids at the time. I wish I had a car so you could get ahold of me since I'm SO close. I'm glad Tyler is such a great helper for you!

As far as the TV show...Jocilyn doesn't watch anything yet. I have seen the show at other people's houses, and they kinda told me the same things that you mentioned. I absolutely feel that you are doing the right thing. Maybe you could find another show to get him interested in, and make a big deal out of getting a DVD of it too.

Anonymous said...

We don't let Gunner watch Sponge Bob. He throws temper tantrums and blows up mad all the time over everything. Gunner had to be explained why and just told no, not allowed. It was hard for him because at that time they would watch it at his daycare. He told me one time that he told the school he was not allowed to watch it. Don't turn back on your decision if you don't like it because he will remember that you "changed your mind!"

Skavoovie said...

I agree with what you guys are thinking. The issue is that it's so much more than just a TV show.

We know kids are sponges. That means they learn behavior from what they observe -- not just in their family, but also on TV.

If it's teaching him bad behavior, it's undermining what you've already worked so hard to teach him, and as it becomes further engrained from constant exposure, it will be far more difficult to get rid of that behavior in Tyler than it is right now to just turn off the TV.

I really do think you're making the right decision -- I'm not looking forward to having to make some of those really tough calls once Jocilyn gets older.

We do not have the capacity or comprehension to understand what our Heavenly Father sometimes teaches us or disciplines us with. Same scenario here -- by God's design -- to help us understand His discipline and direction out of love for us.

I think Dee has a great idea -- does he watch Veggie Tales or any other of the Christian-based kids shows (that's the only one I know about right now)? Perhaps you could find an alternative he would enjoy so he won't miss this one so much.