Monday, July 21, 2008

Daddy's Hands!

These are a bunch of pictures I took of Haylee and Daddy. She has shown a big interest in daddy lately. As soon as he drives up form work, Tyler is usually out the door to greet him and Haylee can look out the glass door. She gets so excited to see him. She holds her arms up and bounces as if she is saying pick me up daddy, pick me up!

She looked so adorable in her strawberry night gown I had to take pictures. Then she started being so sweet with daddy. Probably hoping to get more spaghetti. ;) Look how big Ryan's hands look...

Haylee noticed them too.

Oh how Ryan loves her touch. I know she will have those same feelings about his hands. Daddy's hands are so different from ours...big, strong, rough and a protection.

Thank you Lord for our earthly fathers and that we get to experience their touch and feel their love and protection. We love you daddy!

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mommyof5 said...

That is so sweet. There is something about Daddy's and their little girls. Ryan will need those big hands when his next little girl is here!!