Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Haylee the Tool Girl!

Any time Haylee sees Tyler's door open, she makes a run for his room and heads straight for his tool bench. She will stand right up to it and grab the drill press (no, I'm not savvy enough to know what that is..I asked Ryan) and pulls it down. It has lights that light up and it makes a loud "drilling sound". She LOVES it!

Little tiny hand pulling on the lever!

Another day when she managed to sneak in there....

Oh, now she has found the plain screw driver.

She loves to be in Bubba's room!


Deanna said...

Ryan must be so proud! She needs a little pink tool belt!

Ben, Sheila, & Isaac said...

How cute! Get her a little pink hard hat like that girl on Extreme Makeover Home Edition!

Laura said...

Max is the same way with Jake's big boy toys! It's great having lots of safe stuff like that around to explore!