Friday, April 11, 2008

Haylee learned how to blow BUBBLES out of her nose!!!

I know, it's not very lady like and just nasty but I couldn't help it, I had to take a picture! She has been suffering from allergies and we now have her on Zyrtec once a day EVERY DAY! Ryan and I both are very allergic to many things well, almost everything. So, I think all of our kids are going to suffer as well. Poor baby!

It looks like she is saying.......Yeah, it popped!

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mommyof5 said...

We have 3 kids on Zyrtec. Riley is also on singular. Elizabeth has allgeries and ezama and Sammy has ezama but not on allgery medicine yet. Riley has the worse allergies and Jeremiah has them but not as bad. I hate having them on medicine but it gets worse if they aren't on it. They have been on it since last August every day. It seems to help. Poor Riley any time it is really windy his allergies get really bad. Like Friday and this weekend. They have gotten worse again!! I pray they go away soon.
I hope Haylee feels better soon!!!

Mommy of 5