Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sweet big brother!

(excuse his dirty face) What would I do without my Tyler. He is such a big help for me each day. Anytime I am finishing dishes or laundry or if I just need a shower, he is complete entertainment for Haylee. 90% of the time if she is crying of fussing, he can get her to stop. If I can't get right to her I can holler at Tyler to go play with her and he is always so willing. He does a great job at it too. He usually acts very silly and jumps around or dances just to get her attention. If she is in the floor playing he will grab one of his soft balls and he will roll the ball to her and she usually slaps at it so that it goes in the opposite direction. He jumps right up and rolls it to her again. He's always grabbing burp rags for me or a diaper or a paci! If he goes in her room before I do when she wakes up from her nap and she is laying funny or has a leg hanging out, he is very good to alert me right away. Even if she spits up (which is ALL the time) he is shouting from across the house...SPIT UP MOMMY! He even wipes it up. Such a servants heart already....Matt 20:28!

With this new baby coming, it gives me a little glimmer of hope that I'm not gonna be alone and he is my helper. I thank God for such a sweet caring big brother for my girls. The minute Haylee wakes up from the night or her naps she cant wait to come in the living room or wherever Ty is. The minute she sees him she starts kicking her feet and jumping up and down. A smile just comes over her face and she starts to squeal. Thank you God so much for the love you have given Ty towards his sister. It is already evident in her reactions towards him that she loves him in her own little ways. That is such a comfort to me and I pray that it will continue.


Deanna said...

That's so sweet and wonderful! Just think, Katelynn will have lots of entertainment and playmates!

Ben, Sheila, & Isaac said...

Tyler is such a sweet boy! God knew exactly what you'd need.