Monday, June 02, 2008

Update on Katelynn.....

I am now 27 weeks and 3 days. Time is going by so fast but I am definitely feeling the pregnancy pains now. On my most recent visit we got to have another sonogram because the visit before she/my tummy was measuring 2 weeks bigger than our scheduled date. I love having sonograms and looks like I may be having a couple of more before she is here. The sonogram confirmed that my tummy measurements were not off and she is indeed measuring 2 weeks and a couple of days bigger. Not sure what causes big babies because I haven't gained much weight yet, only 7 pounds. Everyone tells me, just look at your husband. ;) Love ya babe! We will see on my next appointment if she is staying as big when we do another sonogram.
So here are some of the sono pictures I scanned in:

This one is somewhat a picture of her profile.

This one is similar except imagine if she turned her head and looked at you. The more solid white parts in the middle outline her forehead, eyes and adorable nose.
Always good to confirm that we are still having a girl and she gave us a great view. Obviously her bottom and two little legs.
Ahhh, sonogram's never get boring.


Amy said...

Kyle always measured a couple of weeks ahead and weighed 8lbs 4 oz when born (38 weeks). It won't be long and she'll be in your arms. So exciting!

Ben, Sheila, & Isaac said...

So do they think her due date will be two weeks earlier or is she just big for the date you have now? Hope the last few weeks go well for you!!! You sure don't look like you have a big baby in there!

Deanna said...

So sweet...makes me miss pregnancy....only a little though!

Robin said...

I think she thinks she is just big for her due date. I'm not sure if they will induce early if she stays big. We will wait and see. She does feel big but all my babies are big.