Saturday, June 21, 2008

DATE NIGHT.......Some more OLD scans....

Now days if you say date night you think of a night out with your hubby, but during my high school summer's, date night was a totally different thing. I went to every year of youth camp with Lake Pointe Church and every girl could not wait for date night. Date night for those who did not get the privilege of joining in was at youth camp, after worship one morning we all would gather at the big pavilion and sit, guys on one side and girls on the other. The leaders would have 2 buckets of names (guys/girls) that they would draw from. When your name was called, you would get up and give the guy your piece of paper with your name and what cabin you were in. The churches goal was to teach the guys how to be on a date with a Godly attitude and mindset and how to treat a young lady. It also taught the girls, well I think it taught us how to be nice to these scared half to death boys and also how we should be treated. It wasn't easy for the girls but I'm betting it was a lot harder on the guys. So, before we girls even left home for camp, we had to decide what dressy outfit you were going to take because you might just get picked to be on a date with a guy who would otherwise not ask you out! Once we all got dolled up, the guys would start showing up to your cabin to start picking up their date. Some would be proud and confident and some would be scared out of their minds with a pretty little carnation in their hands. So here is pictures of the 3 out of the 4 "date nights" that I went on at LP youth camp during my high school years.

I don't know where Picture #1 is from my freshman year or maybe their isn't one but I was picked with Ryan Englebretson. Not a bad pick.....he was in my grade and we knew each other from middle school but he attended a different high school.
Picture #2: This picture is my sophomore year! I was picked with Ryan Wooley, a popular Rockwall guy. Funny......another Ryan and I married a Ryan too. Remember these vest the guys wore back then. So funny to see the old styles.

Picture #3: Here is my junior year....I don't know this sweet little boy's name but he was precious. He was one of the one's with the carnation. Sweet and innocent....and scared. I tortured him by sitting with my boyfriend at the time and his date on the other side of me. Mean of me and OH how I wouldn't sit there if I only knew! After the "guys" picked us up, they escorted us to the cafeteria for a "better than a normal night meal". The guys would let the ladies have a seat then they would stand in the line and get 2 trays of food and have to very carefully carry the wobbly trays to the lady waiting. If you needed another drink or something he would fetch that as well for you. Poor guys, I know looking back now that that night was probably very nerve racking for them.

Picture #4: So this was my senior year. I don't have a clue who this guy was but he was a gentleman and I had an pretty good evening. Hopefully I was a nice girl to my dates with the exception of sitting with my boyfriend act. I know they probably don't do "date nights" anymore but I thought it was good for the guys and the girls. Especially for the one's who never had dates otherwise...they got to have a small taste of what it might have been like.

So, you tell it boring and/or corny for me to post these old pictures. I know some people just want to see the kiddos but when I was scanning in some old pictures I thought I might share them with you. Let me know what you think. My next one will probably be my best friends I grew up with. Jodi, Kristi, Ashley and I have your permission to share old pictures on here? Email me or post in the comments!


Deanna said...

It's great getting to hear stories like this...If they don't do date night anymore, they should!! Hopefully and prayerfully the boys that end up asking out Haylee, Katelynn, and Jocilyn will have been taught right!

Robin said...

Okay, Tyler saw these pictures and soooo doesn't understand why mommy is standing there with other boys. He said..."where is daddy?" I told him I was a little girl and still in school and these were friends, daddy wasn't with me. He said "you don't look like a little girl!" Thank you Lord for my sweet 4 year old to already know that it doesn't look or seem right for mommy to be without daddy and next to somebody else.

Ben, Sheila, & Isaac said...

That is so sweet of Tyler. I don't mind you posting old photos of us - I'd actually like to see some of them again. Makes me feel young again! :)

Cagle Family said...

how funny!! Please feel free to post any pictures!! It is fun!

Laura said...

No, I love it girl! It's so fun hearing the old stories and seeing you so young! I remember date night at LP camp too. My senior year I had a little guy too - we were so awkward and funny!
Some friends from Exeter (my junior year) posted some REALLY BAD old pics of me on Facebook. I was crying I was laughing so hard. But it was fun remembering. Keep it up! Makes me want to get our scanner up and running!