Thursday, June 12, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

Since I did a post on Ryan and Tyler, I had to do a post on Haylee and I. I LOVE ME SOME COOL WHIP. Thanks aunt Carrie for leaving this at our house. I have really enjoyed it! Haylee seems to be like me in many ways. For one, she is going to be a middle sister with a older brother and a younger sister like me. She is also SO sensitive and from what I hear that was me to the T as a baby, toddler and little girl. I'm not so sensitive now, right honey? Anyways, I thought miss Haylee might like a bite and taste some goodness. It's actually not too bad for you!

Here was some of her reactions!

She loved it! Next we will have to try squirting some whip cream in her mouth, one of mommy's other favorites!

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Laura said...

Too cute girl. It's fun getting their reactions on things like that...

And I was thinking how funny it was that just like your momma, you'll have a boy and then 2 girls!