Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What's that saying....Like Father Like Son

I have wanted to take pictures of this Tyler and Ryan since before I started blogging. That is how long Tyler has been doing this. It is the FUNNIEST thing to me. Tyler is so excited when daddy decides to "mow and blow" he can't stand it. In fact, he will be out there all week while daddy is at work "mowing" and will insist that the yard REALLY BIG and needs to be mowed. Kinda gets on Ryan's nerves because he is not as enthusiastic about mowing as Tyler is. We have to be careful if we mention "mowing the yard today" because Tyler will hold you to it and will bug you until you are out there at work. So here are some cute pictures. I wish I had been taking these pictures from when he started doing this at TWO YEARS OLD! When he was 2 he didn't have the lawn mower toy so he used one of those classic push toys that has a barrel on the end that spins when you push it and plays music. I thought funny enough it looks like those mowers the cut the grass without a motor. You know what I'm talking about?

Tyler even knows the "patterns" that Ryan takes and when he is out there by himself during the week, he does the same patterns. Cracks me up. He is already trained to mow, we just have to wait for him to get big enough and Ryan will GLADLY hand over the mower.

Yes he even has a blower. Funny thing is we didn't even buy these toys for him. Brooke gave us this blower and it doesn't even make the sounds any more since the battery died but Tyler is very good at making the sounds. The lawn mower was Adrianne's that she brought to my house to sell in my garage sale over a year ago. He even imitates pulling the thing on the mower to start it. These have been his absolutely his favorite toys ever. Thanks Brooke and Adrianne for giving Tyler these toys.

Tyler and daddy after a hard couple of hours in the heat hard at work!


Deanna said...

HA! Is he available for hiring?!

mommyof5 said...

That is way to cute!!!

Ben, Sheila, & Isaac said...

That is so precious!!!

Laura said...

Those are AWESOME pics. PRICELESS for when he's older. Such a sweet boy, that Tyler!