Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Picnic with the kids!

The other day I took Tyler and Haylee to a old park in my little old neighborhood. We packed up our sandwiches, chips, cupcakes and drinks and headed to the park. There were huge old tree's so most of the park was shaded. We had such a good time and Tyler couldn't wait to play on the play ground.

Our lunch in our cute little picnic suitcase that I have had forever and haven't ever used.

Tyler and the old fashioned merry-go-round!

Haylee being super flexible while she watches Tyler play!

Tyler screaming before he goes down the slide and.........

weeeeeee, Haylee raising her arms as he goes down. She is getting very good at copying and imitating.


Deanna said...

Too cute! So sweet to see Haylee enjoying big brother!

mommyof5 said...

That looks so fun. Where is the park?
Mommy of 5