Monday, June 16, 2008

You and no other

This is your 5th year as a father on Father's Day. I was recently scanning in some pictures of us dating and was remembering how giddy and in love we were.

Hard to believe what 7 years will bring you. I think everyone knows that you proposed to me at Whataburger. Well in the car at Whataburger is where it really was. It didn't matter to me and it still doesn't. It was the right moment and perfect for the conversation we were having and you couldn't have planned conversation if you had to. I was just ecstatic to be proposed to and didn't think twice.

Nothing brings me as much joy then to watch you with our kids. I never imagined the love we had for each other and the love God would give us for Tyler and Haylee and the love we already have for Katelynn. You have been such an incredible leader for our family.

I remember the moment we saw Tyler's face when he was born and you're sweet tears. You were a daddy for the first time!

I remember that same face and those same tears with sweet Haylee. Wow, God gave us as much love for her. Such a neat feeling. Still cant believe we will go through this special moment with our 3rd child, little Katelynn.

Thank you for your sweet heart and loving affection you have for us especially our children.

Tyler already knows it is never ending and he can always go to you for love and kisses. I love how Tyler longs for the minute of you walking through that front door everyday and most days wants to wait on the porch for you! I love how Tyler talks about you all day long and wants everything done just like you do from his PB&J sandwiches with PEACH jelly to mowing his yard just like his daddy to working in the mud just like daddy (aka Construction).

I love the reaction on Tyler and Haylee's face when they see you in the bed on Saturday mornings when you get the day off. It is a sight they only see once every other week and Tyler knows he has the whole day with you! Even Haylee says your name all day. Soon she will know you as Tyler knows you and will have all the affection that Tyler has.

I love how you light up when Tyler runs into your arms and says "I love you daddy" and when Haylee lights up when she sees you and leans in to kiss you. You are such a tangible example of how our heavenly Father loves His children and is pleased when His children call his name. Thank you for being the father that I always hoped I would have for my children.

Tyler adores you....

your girls do too!

You and no other.... Happy Father's Day!


mommyof5 said...

That is so beautiful!!!!

Laura said...

What a beautiful post Robin-girl! So, so sweet.