Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Some new pictures of Haylee

Haylee absolutely loves standing up to the TV and talking to the people and hitting the people. It is hard because we don't let Tyler touch the TV, mostly because he has a little more force when he is pointing at something and I hate fingerprints on the TV. Plus, he knows how to mind us now. Haylee does it so often now that I have really let it go and Tyler doesn't understand why she gets to do that.

Hitting the figures on TV

COME ON upper teeth. We have had a time the past 2 weeks now with a fussy fussy baby. Lots of Tylenol, Motrin and Orajel. I have also found she LOVES to grind on a cold slice of apple. She went through 2 slices and it must feel good on those gums. When she finishes gnawing on the apple she is drenched and we have to change outfits.

When she gets to where she can bite off pieces, I take it away from her and boy she is MAD! I will give her a few puffs/cereal and she is happy again! Here is what one of the apples looked like when she was done with it.

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mommyof5 said...

Have you tired giving her teething tablets? They are homopathy. You can get them at Krogers, Wal-mart, and I am sure any other place. They are about $6 to $8 each. You can give them 2 or 3 with tylenol or mortin. They really work!! And since you are having another one you can use them with her too. They dissovle very quickly. They dissolve faster than the puffs. You should try them. Aaron's mom gave me some when we had Aaron. And I have gotten some with all the kids. They work within a few minutes of giving them to the baby. Hope this helps!! I am really serious though, have Ryan pick up some after work tomorrow. You will be glad you did.